Monday, March 12, 2018

Did you ever lose a whole month?

Well golly, I sure did!
I spent three days in the hospital
the first of February.
And then I spent four days in the hospital
the end of February.
In between was spent in a drug-induced stupor.

Wasn't fun, let me tell you.
Fortunately, I was ahead of schedule
on making cards.
But I wasn't ahead of schedule
in writing and scheduling blog posts.

Therefore, JR and Kay's anniversary card is late
to being shared.
Really late.
At least they received it on time!

Many, many years for them.
Keep on honeymooning, you two!


  1. Dear Sue, OH I`m happy for you, you are back again, here, showing your gorgeous flower cards, to us. This is so beautiful, and speaks so lovely about spring .
    So glad to hear you are much better my friend- enjoy your week !! Dorthe xx

  2. So sorry to hear you have been frequenting the hospital! Hope things are improving. At least your cards went out on time.