Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Words to live by

This mini is chocked full of Mother Teresa quotes.
And it went to a very young lady that turned 100 years old.
Along with it was this card.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Shame on me!

Here are a few cards that have never made it onto the blog.
Where does the time go?
My friend's granddaughter married last month and here's the card.

Marj celebrated a birthday a few days ago.

This sweet card made it's way to Minnesota a month or so ago
but I was negligent in getting it on the blog.
I've got quite a few other things to post
but not until everybody receives them.
Stay tuned ...

Monday, July 6, 2015

Oh my goodness ...

WHERE have I been?
I've asked myself that same question a gazillion times.
The only reason the some of the posts have been here
is because I scheduled them ahead of time.
I am so glad that I had the foresight to work ahead
on all the cards I had to make.
Had I not done this, nothing would have been done.
There was just no time.
Thank you cards.
Birthday cards.
Just because cards.

It's always fun to see what I can do with the same image
on different cards.


I had dinner with a friend last week
and she kept talking about "the fourth of July"
as if it was just around the corner.
I finally asked her what the big deal was.
I knew she had plenty of time.
She had me get out my phone, pull up the calendar
and see for myself that it was just around the corner.
Right she was.
April was busy with Mother's Day cards
as well as two full-blown retreats
and a one-day birthday party retreat.
And my car died.
Fortunately, we were able to limp it into the shop.
May was busy with a going-away party,
a couple of meetings
and Father's Day cards.

And June!?!
I have never in my life had a month fly by like June did.
Two meetings, a dental appointment,
a haircut and my car died again.
This time it had to be towed in.
The mechanic was sure it was a part he replaced in April.
Since it was on a warrantee, he just changed it out
and we were good to go - at no charge.

Oh - and my computer is giving me fits again.
If I delete something in my Inbox,
several other items will disappear as well.
Sometimes I am aware and immediately drag it out of the Deleted file.
Other times I'm not so lucky.
And sometimes it just disappears completely.

I'd not been on Facebook for nearly a month.
Whoa ... can you believe that?

Yeah, we got new phones.
I feel like I went from tin cans and a string to an iPhone 6.
So far, I've been able to answer and make phone calls.
I learned how to use the stopwatch and the calculator.
That's about it.

Speaking of learning ...
I'm trying to learn my new Fitbit.
Guess what I first need to learn how to do
is put one foot in front of the other and WALK.
Another retreat and then home to clean house.
Not that it needed it or anything - yeah, right!
This cleaning was just a bit deeper.
You see, my sister flew in from Florida to visit.
Had to be ready for the white glove treatment, you know.
Well, the day before she arrived,
my car had to be towed to the mechanic - AGAIN.
Same ailment.
Not so lucky this time - read between the lines here: $$$$$$$$.
Fortunately, he gave me a loaner and sent me on my way.
Thank you, Mid-Cities Service Center!
Once I found the right terminal
(I don't "do airports" very well ... it's always something!)
and had her in the car, off we went.
Didn't do very well in exiting the airport properties either.
Well, I look at it this way:
she was able to tour the neighboring streets.
Typically when guests arrive, The Runner is home to carry luggage.
Not this time.
We finally got two heavy pieces of luggage up three flights.
I dragged her to a City Council meeting her first night here.
Afterwards, I showed her the 9-11 Memorial Plaza
in front of our Fire Admin building

We went out to Whitworth Ranch the next morning
where we stayed for five days.
We needed a couple of days to rest up.
Yeah, right!
We were on the go non-stop.
If you know me, you know this is not how I operate.
I am a homebody and love staying home - for days on end.
We hit Michael's, Joann's and Hobby Lobby
(two times in each store.)
We also hit a scrapbook store in Waxahachie.
While there, we stopped in at El Mexicano Grill.
Oh my goodness ... can you just say delicious?

Speaking of food, we made our grandmother's and mother's recipe
and stunk up the house making cabbage rolls.
Neither one of us had made them for about 30 years.
Not bad - but not like theirs either.
Next time ...
The REAL reason for her to visit
was to go to Greater American Scrapbooking Convention.
She got to see her boyfriend and we enjoyed ourselves.
This year, we came home with money.
Her last full day here The Runner was home
so he took us to Fort Worth.
If you've never been to the Water Gardens, I highly recommend it.
Such a beautiful, soothing, peaceful and relaxing oasis.

When she was here two years ago,
we took her to Dallas and showed her all the hot spots.
This trip, she went to The Stockyards.
And here's proof!
While there, we had lunch at The Star Café.
She couldn't leave without sitting in the saddle at the bar
at the Stockyards Hotel.
Getting up there was a story in itself.
Getting down was a whole 'nother story!
(Wish I had a picture of that!)

We still had a little energy left after trudging around in the heat.
The Runner took us to The Grapevine Botanical Gardens at Heritage Park.
Goodness - this has been here forever yet I'd never walked through.
Must do it again!

It was a fun-filled 11 days - gone in an instant, or so it seems.
Her flight out was at 2:05 the next day.
I'm hoping she had a good time and comes back next year!!!!!
We came home from the airport and began putting everything back in order.
Successful in nearly every room.
I still had not unpacked supplies from the retreat
and furniture needed to be moved back in place.
Next day?
Beverly and her sister, Liz, came for dinner.
We had such a nice visit - and need to do it more often.
I thought I had a week to rest up.
Good thing I looked at my calendar.
I had to be at Fire Admin at 8:30 the next morning
for Kid's Fire Camp.
Oh my ...
Can I just say "exhausting and hot?"
The entire week was spent from 8ish until 3ish with 30 kids,
ages 11-15.
This was the third year for the camp.
I volunteered the first year.
The second year I was sick and couldn't help.
This year, I was in with both feet.
We found out on the second-to-last day
that next year, they might have camp for two weeks.
(Check back next June to see if it happens!)
There they are ... all three companies.
The group I was assigned to was Company 553 (the yellow team.)

And, in the middle of all of that, my blog has celebrated an anniversary!!!
One year.
For some of you long-time bloggers, this may seem like nothing to you
but I've posted 136 times and
have had in excess of 11,500 page views!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you!!!!!
I had fully intended on having a giveaway.
Truly, I did.
And I still will.
It's just going to take me a while.
I've gotta get my act together and start creating first.

Please be patient with me!

Happy Birthday to my daughter

And happy labor day to me.
After a few hours of laboring,
a beautiful little girl was placed in my arms.
A mom.  Me.  Wow!
Her favorite flower is the sunflower.

And she loves to read.

Happy birthday, Alescia!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

It's what we've all been waiting for ...

Look what has finally made it to Uganda!
Here's Josephine posing at the back of a van with one box.
I am waiting for confirmation from her that all three boxes have arrived.
I'm hoping that they won't have to wait for more to be delivered
and that they were all in one vehicle.
I know the children are so excited - as I am.
When I received this picture from Josephine, I cried.
The box looks a little beat up
but hey! it's traveled half way around the world, right?
It's been a very long journey.
The gifts left our home on March 3rd.
It took them four months and one day to arrive at their destination.
They have made it through Customs
and the shrink wrap has been removed.
But it's there!!!!!
I cannot wait for the boxes to be unpacked
and all the goodies sorted through for the children.
Josephine has promised pictures - lots of pictures.
And that takes time.
I must remember to be patient.
Please stay tuned ...