Sunday, June 30, 2019


He didn't have to
but he did!

My neighbor traveled to his home country
and brought us candy.
Delicious candy that cannot be bought
here in the USofA.

As a token of our appreciation,
here's the card left on his door.

Thank you, Sina!

Saturday, June 29, 2019


His mother and my mother were sisters.
And that's what made us cousins!

Ohhhhhhhhh, don't let this picture fool you.
We look like we're happy and like each other.
That definitely was not the case growing up.
We squabbled constantly.
I don't recall physical fighting
but definitely verbal!
Especially when he demanded
we play "car school" and he was the teacher.
I could do nothing right!!!!!

Our families spent a lot of time together
during those years.
All I can say is that the adults
must have really enjoyed each others' company.
Enough so that our fighting didn't bother them.

As years passed, we learned to love each other.

Happy birthday, Billy!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


If you know Beverly,
you love Beverly
but not as much as I do!

I met her in June 1995 - she was one of the many people
that interviewed me for a job.

We hit it off immediately and became
work buddies.
And then forever buddies.

We work'd together,
we laugh'd together,
we cry'd together,
we breakfast'd together,
we lunch'd together
and we dinner'd together.

But most important?
We have remained friends all these years.

There's nothing she wouldn't do for me
and there's nothing I wouldn't do for her
(except maybe eat tofu!)

Enjoy your day sweet Girrrrrrllllllfriend!

Sunday, June 16, 2019


Not only is today Father's Day,
but it's also a day to celebrate JR's birthday.
He loves all things Texas and American.

… and he loves all things USA.
The one above for his birthday
and the one below for Father's Day.
Enjoy your day, JR.

You all know how I love to use the same image
yet make it different, right?
I believe over the years all dads got ties
on Father's Day.
If not, here's to catching up!
Happy Father's Day to Carey's father.

And Happy Father's Day to Mr. P. 

Not into ties?
How about all things fishing?
Happy Father's Day to Curtis.

I'm sure Krista's Pawpaw will enjoy this card
as well as his Father's Day.

What man wouldn't love to spend his day
relaxing in this swing that overlooks the water?
Happy Father's Day to Kim's dad!

Two gentlemen will smile when they see
this little sweetie gracing the fronts of their cards.
Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 15, 2019


Today he celebrates!
I'm not sure how, but I'm guessing
there will be CAKE involved!

One of my favorite "Andy stories"
involves panCAKES.
When he was almost four,
we went to the park to cook breakfast.

I was standing at the picnic table and had just
poured the batter into the electric fry pan.
Andy crawled up onto the seat
to see what I was doing.
Afraid that he would get burned,
I asked him to get down so he didn't get hurt.
He looked up at me and his eyes filled with tears.

His comment?

"Gramma, I just want to watch them grow into pancakes."

Yes, I caved in and let him watch.

Happy birthday, big guy!
Sending heart-shaped balloons from Texas.

See you in less than a year!!!

Friday, June 14, 2019


… and these brothers are no exception, I'm sure!
Guessing there's no horseplay going on here.
Just some water fun.

Rather than a traditional frame,
I chose to use the top part of a shallow wood box.
I loved pulling colors from their clothes
to frame the photo and embellish the "frame."

Looks like the weather was perfect!