Monday, May 21, 2018

Happy High School Graduation

Caydee is ready for the next journey in her life.
Make it the best trip ever!

We went to her party on Saturday evening
and this canvas came along with us.

Of course, the canvas needed a bag, right?

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sisters from another mother

Happy birthday to that sister!

She didn't stay around to get to see the beautiful
bluebonnets Texas gives us every year.
So I sent her a few in her birthday card.

Maybe one year you'll get to see these beauties.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

It's all her fault

Well, not actually a "fault" ...
but it's because of her
that I started this crazy art journey!

And because of that,
I was able to create a birthday card
just for her.

I miss our 5am walks
but most of all I miss you.

Happy birthday, friend!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A mish-mash

I've had some of these cards in my gallery
for a while ... just never wrote a blog post.

Last weekend,
Miss B graduated from college.
All that hard work paid off.
What a great day for her!

One of The Runner's co-workers
is going through therapy.
He doesn't often ask me to create a card,
but this time he did.
Every once in a while,
when I know a card is going to be hand delivered,
I go the extra mile on the envelope.
I hope this puts a smile on Dora's face.

Talk about "putting a smile ..."
this card and what she wrote
certainly put smiles on both of our faces.
Gosh - who wouldn't want a friend like Beverly?

Sunday, May 13, 2018

This day is Mother's Day

This day.
As much as I dislike this day,
I do enjoy creating cards to honor others' loved ones.

This day.
It is one of my most favorite/most non-favorite day
to create cards.

This day.
It's my favorite because it's the time to pull out the flowers,
the glitter, the ribbons, the lace
and of course, the images.
All of these elements make for the best cards.

This day.
Allows me to use all flowers
that scream "Springtime."

This day.
These flowers - lilacs.
Reminds me of my childhood
when I picked these beautiful flowers.
Not only for my mother
but for my grandmother and my teachers.
Lilacs are one of my favorite Springtime flowers.
Their scent is so recognizable.
A bouquet in just one room allows the scent in every room.

Lilacs can be combined with greenery
and other flowers, too.
The vessels are sometimes the best part.
I love the "unexpected" vases.

Lilacs are great as a stand-alone
in a bouquet or in a vase or even a jar.

This day.
We cannot forget about the sweet smelling peonies.

What better way to celebrate
Mother's Day
than with some daffodils?

Or how about some pansies?
(Those were my mother's favorite!)

Tulips say "Springtime" as well.
I'd love to have a bucket of these on a chippy chair,
wouldn't you?

How many of you
wandered around in a field of wildflowers
and brought home a bouquet just like this
for your sweet mamma?

Nothing says "love" like roses.
I was very fortunate to have a bouquet
delivered the other day and they are beautiful.
Thank you to my daughter.
I cannot wait to dry them to display in the living room.
The soft and smoky lavender color will be perfect.
I think I'll put them in a lavender vase
from Mother's Day years ago.

This day.
It's all about those we honor.
And it's all about the flowers.
Doesn't matter if they appear in the Spring or not.
They're always beautiful.

How I love when photos are requested.
Now THAT'S really personalization!
I'm sure the recipients will be swept away
into the long-time-ago and not so long-time-ago
stages of their lives.

As much as flowers speak to me,
this image was screaming!
Best part?
It's perfect for the recipient.

I was so excited to get some cards in the mail
that I forgot to take pictures.
I'm sorry.

This day.
My wish is that all the moms,
mothers-in-law, future mother-in-law,
grandmas, future grandma,
daughters, wife and friends
enjoy their cards - sent with love, of course.

This day.
Happy Mother's Day to all of you!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

"Something sophisticated, ivory, lace, light blue and silver"

Those were her requests.
She wanted all of these things on this birthday card.
I hope this measures up!!!

Happy birthday, Adraine!

Monday, May 7, 2018

My special person

Yes, she is my very special person.
And she is having a birthday today.
Let's just hope she checks her mailbox
in a timely fashion.
Otherwise, this post will ruin her card surprise.

Happy birthday!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

It's a special day

My son-in-law will be kicking up his heels today.
To show that he still can
even though today he adds another year to his life.
Good for you, Mark.

Kick up your heels all you want.
Just don't be naughty!

Happy birthday, Mark!