Monday, March 30, 2015

Another birthday

Happy birthday to Renee
clear up in Chicago(ish)land.
I hope your day is spectacular.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

I present to you: the one-handed mini album

First comes love
and then comes marriage.
Today Shannon and Luke will tie the knot.
Here is a little album that will be given to them
(even though they requested "no gifts.")
The pearls were taken from Shannon's grandmother's earrings.
The lace under the white flower was taken from Shannon's mom's wedding dress.
The little white lace and blue bow is what Shannon wore in her hair
when she was christened.
The tiny piece of blue to the left of the black flower
was also part of the christening headpiece.
Their names were taken from the
'save the date' postcard.

They chased their dreams
and they came true.
Could Shannon's smile be more radiant?
This was their engagement picture.
Again, the blue flowers were from the christening headpiece.
This was taken in Puerto Rico in 2008.
Once again, Shannon's mom's wedding dress lace sits behind the photo.
Luke and Shannon on Lake Tahoe in 2014.
Another flower from Shannon's headpiece.

This picture was taken at Storm King Art Center (NY) in 2011.

They will tie the knot at the rustic
San Pedro Chapel.
This landmark was built in 1932
by the inhabitants of the Village of El Fuerte.
May they live happily ever after.
The title of the blog post.
Did it make you wonder what the heck it had to do with a wedding?
Well, I've been gathering papers and embellishments
for this project for several weeks.
I knew I had it under control.
I knew I could do it and still meet the deadline.
I knew where I was going with it.
I had plans.
Well, the best laid plans ...
You know the rest.
It seems that a car door took those plans
and threw them right out the window.
You see, I had to create this with just a little more than just one hand.
The day before I was going to begin putting everything together,
the car door slammed my entire left hand
between the door and the car.
There's always good in everything
if you look hard enough, that is..
Nothing was broken.
Not even the skin - which meant no blood.
And not my wedding ring.
And not my mother's engagement/wedding ring set.
I am so fortunate and so thankful.
Our wonderful firefighters removed my mother's rings.
My pinky finger, my pointer finger and my thumb are back to normal.
My ring finger is still very tender.
My middle finger is still very very very sore.
The bruising has gone away.
The swelling has not.
I still cannot make a fist.
But it is getting better.

Friday, March 27, 2015


This card is for my cousin
to give to her granddaughter.
Birthdays are for blessings
thank you for being one of mine.
Most of all,
I want you to be happy
Chase your wishes
and follow your dreams.
Carry the sun inside you.
Get a little closer, every single day,
to the hopes that you want to come true.
Reach for your stars,
brighten your days.
Fill your heart in a thousand ways,.
Be happy, Granddaughter.
I love you so much
and I wish you such wonderful things.
I wish you joys
only a dreamer would dream
and things only a grandparent
would wish for.
May you never forget
that my heart and my hopes
are with you each step of the way.
~  Laurel Altherton  ~
Happy birthday, Teryn!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

My friend Jean ...

Spunky doesn't even come close to describing Jean.
She always has a smile to share
and is up for anything.
She recently graduated from the Citizen's Fire Academy
and had a blast.
Of course, finding bunker gear to fit this little one
was no easy task.
But she rolled with the punches and got right in there
and put out the fires.
And today she is celebrating
her 86th birthday!!!!
She loves purple.
And she loves roses.
And she loves peacock feathers.
And she loves bright colors.
Happy Day, Jean!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

As good as new ...

My friend's father had open heart surgery.
And now he's as good as new
and is working on his recovery process.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Birthday, Bobbie

My sweet friend is ALWAYS in vogue.
It doesn't matter if she's wearing her workout gear
or relaxing at home,
she always looks nice.
If you could turn back time,
I'm sure she dressed just like this.

And another card for her.
From her daughter.
Happy birthday, Bobbie.
I'm proud to call you my friend.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Celebrating an anniversary and two birthdays

L and D
are celebrating today.
(the sentiment on the inside of D's card says "Thanks for the Ride")

A card for L as well.
Two birthdays today.
And my sweet friend, Helen.
I hope your day is perfect!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Labor Day (to me!)

... and happy birthday to my son.
He was born on the first day of Spring.
The day of coming into existence.
A starting point.
My life has never been the same since.
Looking back over the years,
I can honestly say he was (and still is) a good son.
Best part?
He's got the best sense of humor of anybody I've ever met.
He can make a rock laugh!
My son.
He loves bacon more than life itself.
Thought this card would be perfect!
Happy day, Donald!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cards ... all occasions

Happy birthday to my cousin, Jimmy.
Grandiloquent Word of the Day
Showing sophisticated elegance
- Fashionable
- Well Groomed
- Polished
And that pretty much sums him up!
Here's a 50th wedding anniversary card
for friends of a friend.

A sweet thank you card to a biker.
I've gotten some mileage out of this image:
Valentine's Day and two thank you cards.
What I like about it, it's versatile.
As you can see, I've been busy - and about to get even busier.
Am I complaining?
It's what I love to do.
I hope my cards put a smile on many faces.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Runner had a full day - and a good one, too!!!

Remember this?
Well, today he was officially offered his very own route.
He'll be driving a special needs bus
and is super excited.
This week he's attending a 20-hour class.
(Night off tonight but back at it tomorrow night
and all day on Saturday.)
Next week he'll be taking the field trip training.
After that, he'll be driving a field trip bus
for Special Olympics.
AND ...
He was asked if he would be interested
in competing in the
Special Olympics Rodeo.
His answer:  Oh heck yeah!!!
And all this on the day after St. Patrick's Day.

(This picture was taken several years ago.
Couldn't resist!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I'm all over the place

Oh my goodness.
Where am I?
If you know, please tell me.
It seems like I am just all over the place lately.
I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere.
Just got back from a Serendipi-TEA Planning Party
out at Whitworth Ranch Retreat.
Six of us worked our fingers to the bone
creating many items:
table numbers, hat boxes, pin cushions,
centerpieces and cans.
I'm in the process of collecting photos that Julie took.
Be watching for them.

In the meantime,
here's one of the cans that will hold the guests' tools.
Many cards.
And I'm able to share a few right now.
First up is a 'just because' card for a sweet, sweet friend.
The wording:
Grandiloquent Word of the Day
confident, stylish,
& having a sophisticated charm.
These words him to a "T" I just might add.
And another 'just because' card.
Aren't these words perfect?

Happy birthday to Dale.

Sweet Olivia celebrated her birthday just the other day.
Actually, the same day as Dale.
I am hoping the celebrations were all both of you had hoped for.

There's more to share ... but not just now.
In the meantime, I have something to ask you.
If you could ask me just one thing, what would it be?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My heart is happy ...

It is with much happiness, love and gratitude
that I can now tell you that the three boxes to Uganda
are GONE!!!!!!
They are no longer "in da house!"
I just cannot believe that this endeavor has finally come to fruition.
It was last July when Vicki called and asked me "how far are you from Houston?"
That question started the ball rolling and it hasn't stopped yet.
Late this morning, these two gentlemen
(Humphrey on the left and Vincent on the right)
came to pick up the boxes.
Just look at those happy faces!
They are two very strong angels and I'll never forget them.
Very professional, kind, funny - and did I mention strong?
Each box measures 48"x21"x24" and weighs well over a hundred pounds.
The first box they CARRIED down three flights of steps.
The other two boxes got a ride on a dolly!
Trust me when I tell you that the boxes were packed to the gills.
All with donated items that all of YOU shipped either to Vicki or to us.
The donated monies purchased so many needed items
as well as helped with the shipping costs.
How can we EVER thank you?
I wish there were more profound words other than just saying "thank you."
We were told that they would be taken directly to their warehouse
here in Grand Prairie, Texas,
and then loaded onto the truck with other boxes.
Tomorrow or the day after (in all the excitement, I can't remember!)
the truck will be driven to Houston.
Everything will be loaded onto the ship and soon the children
will have their much-awaited gifts.
Unfortunately, that won't happen until some time in May.
I'm sure they'll be counting the months, weeks, days, hours and minutes!
Please be patient - both Vicki and I will be posting pictures on our blog.
I can't wait until I see those smiling faces wearing their new clothes.
I wish I could be there when they open the boxes.
They've been praying that the shipment soon reaches them.
Prayers answered!
Once again, thank you to everybody that donated items for these children.
It's been so long since the packages started to arrive.
I wish I could remember where everything came from, but I can't.
(Thankfully, Vicki has a list.)
!!! Thank You !!!

In addition to thanking everybody that opened their hearts,
I must thank The Runner.
He shopped with me.
He carried all of the purchases up three flights of stairs.
He helped sort everything.
He packed all the boxes.
He taped and shrink-wrapped the boxes.
He added the address labels and packing slips.
He contacted the carrier.
And most importantly, he lived in all the chaos.
Thank you to The Runner. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

!! Happy Anniversary !!

... to JR and Kay
Something must be working right
since they said "I Do" 61 years ago!
Here's hoping you enjoyed your day!