Saturday, February 17, 2018

Must be the month for birthdays!!!

Today Leta celebrates.
I'm not sure of her exact age,
but it exceeds 90.

I spent lots of time in her home.
Mostly playing Monopoly with her daughter, Connie.
We had marathon games!

Our parents played cards in their home
while Connie and I
and my sister and Connie's sisters played.

So many wonderful memories.

Enjoy your day, sweet Leta.

I'm wishing an early Spring for you
because I know you love to bird watch.

Friday, February 16, 2018

I knew her way back when.

She was my daughter's classmate.
Her father was a softball coach (not my son's)
and I used to see her
at my son's games.

Many years have passed since those days.
But I still think of her often.

So glad she and my daughter connected
when she was in Chicago.
It's always good to keep friends
even though miles separate you.

Happy birthday, Denice.

Keep riding the ironing board
and lying about your age.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

On this day of love ...

I wish that all hearts are full of love!

Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not,
it really IS the day of hearts and love.

I like to think of this day as being half-way
through February and closer to Spring
and warmer weather.

In case you didn't know,
today is also National Organ Donor Day.

Here's a heart I sent to my sister
several years ago (but not for Valentine's Day.)
I kept saying I was going to make another one
but haven't done so yet.

A card from Carey to James.

A card from James to Carey.

A card for my friend's niece.

This is my favorite sentiment/image of all times
and it's for my friend's friend, Cass. 

And last but not least,
I created one for my neighbor, Jaylen.
But I forgot to take a picture.

Monday, February 12, 2018

I'm a little behind in posting

But I've got a good enough reason.
Woke up a week ago in the middle of the night
with excruciating pain in my groin.
I had such a difficult time moving
but finally made it into the bathroom.

Once 4:30 rolled around,
I knew I was in trouble.
Big Trouble.

I told The Runner how much pain I was in.
He wanted to call 9-1-1 or take me to the ER.

Thing is, we live on the third floor
and I knew it was not a good idea for him to carry me.

Waited it out until 10:30 until calling 9-1-1
and this was after the pain went
from my groin to my right knee.
The only thing I could think of was a broken hip.
And let me tell you - I was scared to death.
A broken hip was what started the spiral decline
to my mother's death.

You have to understand,
ever since I went through the
Euless Citizens' Fire Academy
and got to know every single firefighter in our city,
I dreaded this day.

I constantly told my husband this:
"If ever my hair is not styled.
If ever my make-up is not on.
If ever I'm not completely dressed,
and I need medical assistance,
you drag me down the three flights of stairs,
across the street into Grapevine
before dialing 9-1-1
because I don't want the guys I know
to see me when I wasn't put together."

Guess when you're in pain,
it doesn't matter if you have bed head
and there's not a spot of make-up on your face
and you're in flannel pajamas,
it just doesn't matter.

We all know that the Euless firefighters and medics
are top notch and the best of the best.
And they were.

Two medics were here before I knew it.
Once they realized they'd have to take me down
on a stair chair, they called for back-up.
Seconds later, four more guys were in our living room.

I can't say enough good about them.
From the moment they were with me
until the moment they left the hospital,
I was definitely in good hands.

What was wrong?
I wish I could tell you.

Labs, urinalysis, x-rays, ultra sound,
cat scan, MRI, morphine and muscle relaxers.
All that, and they don't know.

I was admitted.
Thought it would be overnight.
Nope - I was there for three days.
I had shots in my belly to prevent blood clots.
Two different visits from occupational therapists
and physical therapists.
But I'm home now and that's all that matters.

Still taking a pain med and a muscle relaxer,
which make me feel blahhhhh.
But I'm getting there.
I have to be patient with myself.

In the meantime, y'all missed out
on a few birthday cards.

Follow-up appointment on Thursday
but I can't imagine she'll tell me anything different.
We'll see.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

He retires but she gets the card

My cousin's friend retired
but she wanted the wife to get the card.

I guess you have to be an airline pilot's wife
to "get it."

Happy retirement to Steve and Denise!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Cousins are Special

Nance has a very special cousin.
They've been extremely close since they were kids
and have been through a lot together.
And Melanie truly is her FAVE.

Melanie celebrated
her birthday the other day.
Keep celebrating!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

31 Days in January

By the 24th,
four of my friends lost their mothers.

One thing is for sure.
These friends of mine?
Their lives will never be the same again.

PS ... the fourth card somehow didn't get her picture taken.