Friday, May 31, 2019


A great day to start those birthday celebrations.

Party non-stop for three days, Meg.

Enjoy the celebrations and times spent
with friends and family.

Good food and of course, good cake.
Blow out those candles and wish for all things wonderful.

Happy birthday, Meg!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


She's baaaaaaaaaaaack!

I'm speaking about Vicki Boster.
If you are not familiar with her,
she is my friend from Kentucky
and she knits nests.
(Say that three times fast!)
Beautiful nests, I might add.

She was on hiatus for a couple of years
but she's back and in full swing!

This is her Woodland Spring Nest.
Click on the link below to read
all about her creations.

Isn't it absolutely beautiful?

Vicki knits the Woodland Spring Nests every year.
This year, she only knitted 15!
It's the only nest that she brings back every year
but she changes them up every time.
In case you might be interested in ordering one,
the waiting list is now available.
Please order directly through her.

I can't even remember how many of her nests
that I've helped get them to the place
where they need to be before delivery.

Every nest gets one of my birds.
These are tied onto each and every package.
This particular bird is in the brown tones
with teal and green on the flower.

These little square tags are tied directly onto every nest.
The nests are stamped in brown
and the eggs are colored with colored pencils.
The leaves also get a little coloring.

All of the nests are wrapped in tissue paper.
Tissue paper that I have stamped with a different nest stamp.
Because of the fragility of the tissue papers,
the eggs need to be colored with crayons.

And here they are:
nest, bird, tags and tissue paper. 

Now that I have your attention ...
Vicki creates designer series nests
that are never repeated.
When they're gone, they're gone!

Speaking of designer series,
the Freebird Nests, with a patriotic flair,
will be debuting in June.
These are going to be absolutely gorgeous.
I've already made my contribution
and had so much fun.
Something I've not done before!

Monday, May 13, 2019


… but the "big bash" was this past Saturday.
Something tells me she's still celebrating!
And I'm betting she's wearing some pearls.

You see, I was asked to make her a special birthday card.
Specifications:  must be green
and must have pearls on the card.

Because emerald green is the birthstone for May
and because Dana gifted her with pearls
from her late mother.

Sweet Mama Jean basically raised Adriane
and they were exceptionally close.
And Adriane is like a daughter to Dana
and knew she would be honored to receive Jean's pearls.

I hope your birthday was spectacular, Adriane.
Keep celebrating - and enjoy those pearls.

Sunday, May 12, 2019


Without further adieu ...

Happy Mothers Day to Marlene

and to Andrea

and to Kay

and to Pat

and to Carey

and to Phyllis

and to Ethel

and to Kathy

and to Vicki

and to Jo

and to Mrs. P

and to Marilyn

and to Peggy

and to Rachel's mom

and to Rachel's mother-in-law

Hoping your day was filled
with all things wonderful!

Saturday, May 11, 2019


These words were copied (and changed a bit) from ?somebody?
and I wish I would have written down who penned
such beautiful words, but I did not.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day.
It's a very tender and loaded subject for many.

I know lots of women who already have a stomach ache
thinking about it - for lots of reason.

They're not alone.
I have a stomach ache, too.

My stomach aches because I miss my mother.
Plain and simple.
There's nobody in the world like her.
My first friend.
My best friend.

Being a daughter brings all sorts of complicated feelings.
Especially tomorrow!

Everybody alive made somebody a mom at some time.
And then it got complicated.

After the birth happened,
it could have gotten more and more beautiful
(fortunately, my mother made my life beautiful)
or it could have gotten more and more crazy.
Even tragic.
This human gig is such messy stuff sometimes.

What we do know is that every single person
made someone a mom.
We are all connected to a woman
that carried us in her womb and gave us life.
That in itself was a miracle!!!

I am so glad that I was born.
I am so glad my two children were born.
I'm so grateful to my mother
for the nine months that she carried me
so that I could have this beautiful life.

I also want to tell you that if this is a tough time for you,
you are not alone.
If you've lost your sweet mamma,
I feel your ache and lonliness - it's real!
Whether it's because thoughts of your mother bring pain
or thoughts of motherhood bring you pain.
And whether that pain comes from grieving something beautiful
or trying to recover from something traumatic.
Or regrets about the time that has passed by.
Motherhood and making someone a mother
are complicated issues that require all levels of human strength, learning, grace and boundaries.
That being said ...
Happy Mother's Day, beautiful human.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Lyrics from Il Divo - Mama
(search YouTube for the beautiful video)

Mama thank you for who I am
Thank you for all the things I'm not
Forgive me for the words unsaid
For the times I forgot
Mama remember all my life
you showed me love, you sacrificed
Think of those young and early days
How I've changed
along the way
And I know you believed
And I know you had dreams
And I'm sorry it took all this time to see
that I am where I am because of your truth
And I miss you, I miss you
Mama forgive the times you cried
Forgive me for not making right
All of the storms I may have caused
And I've been wrong
Dry your eyes
Mama I hope this makes you smile
I hope you're happy with my life
At peace with every choice I made
How I've changed
Along the way
And I know you believed in all of my dreams
And I owe it all to you mama

Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Balloons and letters and lots of love.
Just for my special person, Krissy.

I know the balloon will soar right to you.
Happy birthday many times over.

Monday, May 6, 2019


The "favorite" son-in-law is back in town
and has received his card.

Saw this image and could not resist!
Hope he likes it, too.

Wish I have taken a picture of what The Runner wrote.
It was clever!

Happy birthday, Sparky!

Sunday, May 5, 2019


… for Maurine!

My favorite people asked me to create a card
just for her mother and his mother-in-law.

Not too many things I love more than a single peony
in a vintage milk bottle.
Oh my, does this make my heart sing!

I hope your day is spectacular, Maurine!

Saturday, May 4, 2019


I love creating cards for baby showers
and cards to welcome babies!

This is one of my favorite images for either
and I use it often

Beth's new little boy is already two months old
but still well-deserving of a "welcome" card.

Congratulations to this family
on their new little bundle of love!

Friday, May 3, 2019


Today is "my favorite" son-in-law's birthday.
But I can't share his card just yet.

He's out of town - please be patient.

In the meantime, can we all wish Mark happy birthday?

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Serena, Serena

I can't help myself.
Every time I say "Serena" I have to sing.
I have to sing it twice.

Today Serena celebrates her birthday.
And this is how I'll sing to her ...

"Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, dear Serena Serena.
Happy birthday to you."

Okay - enough singing.
I'm hoping she loves her card.