Saturday, February 28, 2015

A mish mash of cards and a little more retreating

Gosh - where do I begin?
There's several cards I would like to share with you.
First up is a birthday card for a friend's mom.
Wouldn't you just love to pet this little furry one?

Same friend, same mother.
My first Mother's Day card for 2015.

Next up is a thank you card.
I just love sending and receiving thank you cards.
Wish everybody did!
Everybody seems to love this image (who can blame them?)
I'll be making another one using it, too.
I just love these two little girls (or are they dolls?)
At the retreat last weekend, everybody there called them "scary" girls.
I think they're wrong - I think they're cute.

Last up is a birthday card for Al.
I hope he enjoyed his day!

Well lookie here.
Not only do I create cards,
I crochet around coat hangers.
My friend, Rita, taught me how to do this over 25 years ago and I've not stopped since.
They're perfect for preventing silky clothes from falling off the hanger.
Do you have narrow shoulders?
Are you tired of the wire hangers making little nubbins on your clothes?
The thickness of the yarn prevents that from happening.
I suppose you could knit rather than crochet, too.
Just in case you missed the pictures I posted on the retreat blog,
here a few more pictures.

A group shot just before we left (in the rain, I might add!)
Julie in purple, Donna - the only one with a rain jacket,
Stephanie in turquoise, Stacy in pink
and me sitting down.

Kim and me.

Everybody photo bombs
and now so do I.


I'm not sure about this weather!
But the good news is that Spring is just 20 days away.
Come on - hurry up, Mother Nature.

Friday, February 27, 2015

No butterfly

I've been adding a butterfly to my sympathy cards for years.
This card didn't get one.
Instead, I added a little dove.
See it peeking out from behind the flowers?
I wish now I would have added a butterfly though.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Sometimes we all need gentle reminders
so I thought I'd share this with you.

You may notice that some of these reminders
somewhat blend with my 15 for twenty fifteen.

  * Say "please" and "thank you" and "you're welcome" and "excuse me."
* Acknowledge people with a smile.
Yes, even strangers.
It might be the only smile they receive all day long.

* Be Patient.
With yourself and with others.

* Praise somebody.
And be sincere in doing so.

* Be observant.
Do you see somebody struggling?
Offer to help.
We all struggle from time to time and some assistance always helps.

* Fill your days with small acts of kindness.
Kindness doesn't have to be expensive.
If you give from the heart it's free.

* Somebody give you a gift?
Always.  Always.  Always.  Send a thank you card.

* Be Courteous.

* Don't bully.
(Yes, adults can be a bully, too!!!)

* Ask people how they're doing.
If they don't want to divulge too much,
accept it.

* Use your blinkers when driving
(and wave a "thank you" if someone lets you in.)
Maybe let someone in, too.
* Be nice to animals.

* Share.

* Get an invitation?
Act on the R.S.V.P.
It's important!

* Don't discriminate.

* Be positive.

* Cell phones.
Know when it's considerate to use them.
Dinner guests don't appreciate vying for your time.
Have a text message?
Not everybody is interested in it.

* Grocery shopping?
Don't leave your cart in the middle of the aisle and walk away.
When you're finished with the cart
don't abandon it ... put it where it belongs.

* Be humble.

* Don't be two-faced and don't gossip.

* Be complimentary.
But don't be fake.

* Volunteer.

* Be reliable.
Return phone calls and reply to e-mails promptly.

* If there's an 'in' and an 'out' door,
use the proper one.

* Be a good listener.

* In the movie theater?
In a meeting?
Use your whisper voice when talking with your neighbor.
Better yet - wait until later.

* Know that you're better than no one.
We're all equal.
Yep, you're not better than your neighbor or that lady down the street.
You're not!
So be nice to everyone.
* Commit to your friendships.

* Think before you speak.
Are your words going to improve the silence?
Is it true?
Is it helpful?
Is it kind?
Is it productive?
Is it inspiring?
Is it even necessary?
Are they nice words? 
* Apologize as quickly as possible.

* Use your common sense.

* Donate to a charity.

* Don't laugh at others' mistakes.
And don't point out their faults.

* Have books or magazines you've already read?
Take them to a senior citizen's facility - they'd love to read them.
And while you're there, visit with the residents.
Some never have visitors.
You can also leave them in the doctors' office waiting room.

* Try not to take more than you give.
When you're able, give more than you take.
* Ask yourself how you can improve the world.
Even just a little.
And then go and do it.
Be THAT person who makes the world better, not worse.

* Start with doing one nice thing each day.
Anonymously or not.
It'll bring up your mood and will brighten someone else's day.

Take the high road.
Sometimes that's easier said than done, I know.
And sometimes it's not always easy to be nice.
You may encounter situations that will test your ability to be a nice person.

You never know what's around the bend,
so be nice!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Super Happy Day

I have a feeling that today
John's day
is going to be a super happy day!
Enjoy ...
I'll leave you with this card.
No more cards to share for a while.
I'm recharging my batteries
out at Whitworth Ranch Retreat.
Not familiar with retreating or with Whitworth?
Check out my other blog.

Retreating is the only way to go.
I just love being there.
It's less than 90 minutes from home
but I always feel like I'm on the other side of the world.
Soooooooo relaxing and so enjoyable.
I'm making lots and lots of cards while there.
Get ready for photo overload when I get home.
Well, that is IF I can keep my nose to the grindstone!
Wish you were all out there with me.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Three-in-One Card

Feel Better.
Get Well Soon.
Thinking of You.
Hoping this card helps with all of the above.
Hip replacements can't be fun.
I'm watching you ...
Hurry up with the recovery process and get out there and DANCE!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ketchup ... catch up, that is!

Losing a loved one is very difficult.
And it's not a great way to start off the year.
My daughter's friend lost her mom.
Here's the card that was sent.
If you remember reading this then you'll see that I am trying really hard to abide by
my 15 for twenty-fifteen.
I've really been pretty successful in most of my 15.
I fell a little behind on number 6
but I didn't let too many days go by before creating my first thank you card for the year.
My dear friend, Carol, celebrated her birthday the other day.
In addition to this card, we had a great phone conversation.
I miss you, Carol!

My Aunt Margie was so good with identifying
cousins, second cousins and all those "once removed" ...
I'm not good with those.  As a matter of fact, I have no idea who's who.
This is about as good as I can do.  This card went to my cousin's daughter's son.

Anybody out there know what label to put on him other than "just cousin?"
Happy 18th birthday, Logan.
Our friends, Pat and Don, celebrated their 10th anniversary.
Happy 91st birthday, Leta.
She loves to watch the birds and I'm sure she's waiting for Springtime
to see some eggs in the nest.
The Runner wanted to thank his friend for some guidance about school bus driving.
Jim was the driver when The Runner first began as a monitor.
I guess he's helping me out with my number 6.
And one more birthday card.
I hope your birthday was all you expected.  Happy birthday, Sheneen.
This was supposed to be a birthday card
but Nancy's son sent this to her for Valentine's Day.
What a guy!
Saving the best for last.
As requested ... a "girlie" card.
I had a good time with this one, starting with the garter!
Happy birthday, Donna.
Sympathy, thank you, birthday, anniversary.
I hope these cards put smiles on a few faces.
Nothing like getting a real card in the mailbox, right?

Monday, February 16, 2015

Busy {glittered} hands

I didn't want to post anything until I chose the winner for the three cards
from my Grow Your Blog post. 
Once again, congratulations, Erin Houghton!  I hope you enjoy them.

Lots and lots of doilies, hearts and flowers, glitter, reds and pinks - Valentines.
Here's a peek at what went out this year.  First up is one for Lisa.

James gave his wife and his mother a card ... how sweet is that?
Bettcha the first one is for his wife.
Yep - am sure of it.

You have my heart
for my whole life.

... and his mother is the one he holds dear. 
 Another man gave his mother a card.
Last year he gave her a rose bush and now here's her rose.
How thoughtful, right?
Glenda gave her motorcycle rider this one.
Quite apropos!
Norma got her white roses again.
No pinks or reds for this card.
Sandi loves the color orange.
If you have ever been in their home, you would never doubt this statement.
And I just found out her new craft room is turquoise!!!
For it was not into my ear you whispered,
but into my heart.
It was not my lips you kissed,
but my soul.

... and Pete is loved.
Lou finally has his sweet valentine home after a two month hospital stay.
Welcome home, Vicki!
Celia and Mark.
Perfect for them.
Julie loves her family.  And here's proof ...
 This card is to celebrate
Valentine's Day and their 34-year anniversary.
"Love was made for you and me"

Congratulations M and D!!!

And last, but not least,
another combination valentine/anniversary card.
Happy Day, Bart and Laura.

I so admire anybody that doesn't struggle with "boy" stuff.
Especially teenage boys!
I created little paper mache boxes
for one of the bus drivers to give to her children.
She filled them with candy - the best part!
I was able to find little "monster" stickers to put on the boy's boxes.
This way they weren't "too mushy or too girlie" ...

Two girls ride the bus so I was able to bust out the glitter on theirs.

And Rose, the monitor got one, too.

Here they are before getting their coats on.

And here they are all warmly dressed up for the party.

Happy "belated" Valentine's Day to all of you.
I hope your day was romantic, as it should be. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The wheels on the bus go round and round

And guess who's going to be driving that bus???
The Runner is, that's who!
I've been so excited to spread the word and brag on him
but wanted to wait until the glitter settled after all the Valentine cards and boxes
(you'll see those tomorrow.)

Just before Christmas he passed his CDL and was a "driver trainee."
February 4 he passed his test (with a perfect 100% score, I might add!!!)
and is now driving a school bus for Grapevine Colleyville ISD.
Prior to driving, he was a special needs monitor and he loved it!

The next step is just waiting for a route to open up
(he's hoping for a "special needs" route)
so that he can bid on it and have his very own bus with his very own students.
He's looking forward to that!

He asked me to make a card for his trainer
to show his appreciation for her guidance and expertise.
Join me in wishing The Runner a huge "way to go!"

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Grow Your Blog Party WINNER

WOW - what a party!  In my wildest dreams, I never thought it would be such a success for me and my little old blog.  I started out with a mere 29 Followers and as of last night, I have 137 wonderful readers following me.  And to think that 133 people left a comment on just one post.  I am humbled, to say the least!

That pretty Red Carpet Red nail polish has chipped, the pastries have all been eaten and I've kicked off my shoes ... but the door is still open and the light is on so come on in and enjoy yourself.  You're always welcome.

I must (again) give a shout-out to Vicki for hosting such a great gala ... and also for encouraging me to start a blog.  Thank you, dear friend!!

As promised, I said I was going to give away these three cards.  I wish I could give them to every single person that left such kind words in the comment section but you know that's not the way it works, right?  When creating them, I tried to make them as "all occasion" as possible.  They can be used for a birthday, an anniversary, a thinking of you, a get well soon, a sympathy or even a congratulatory card.  It's her choice.

Who's choice, you ask?  Well, it's Erin Houghton's choice.  She is the WINNER of my Grow Your Blog Giveaway.  If you haven't had a chance to visit her blog, you don't know what you're missing!!  Hurry on over there and look at her beautiful California garden ... the real one outside and her painted ones as well.  Spectacular!  She is an extremely talented soul and my wish is that I lived closer so that I could crash her monthly Art 101 lessons.  Erin, I've notified you (check your spam/junk folder if you don't see me in your Inbox) and am waiting for your address; once received, they will go out promptly.  I hope you enjoy them.  And Happy Day of Love, too!

Now, wasn't that just the best party you've attended in a long time?  I'm already looking forward to next year's party.  You will stop by, won't you?