Saturday, January 3, 2015

Resolutions. Goals.

I have none.  Resolutions and/or goals, that is.  I believe that's just a perfect way to set myself up for failure and those "not so good feelings" ... instead, I've had a little chat with myself about some things I want to focus on.  Some things to make me feel better about myself.  Some things to make me a better person.  Some things to make others happy.  I'm going to call these my 15 for twenty fifteen.

  1.  laugh: make someone, at myself, more, out loud
  2.  friends: make more, be a better one, reconnect with a lost one, nurture them all
  3.  blogging: post more often, increase readership, visit more, comment/follow more
  4.  don't stay home so much - get out there and blow the stink off
  5.  my art: step it up!
  6.  send more thank you cards (a lost art, you know!)
  7.  participate in more RAK (random acts of kindness)
  8.  my heart: give from it, open it, love more
  9.  stay up later than 9pm a little more often
10.  be "in the moment" when it matters most
11.  want/need: learn how to differentiate
12.  time management: watch out for those time-eaters
13.  challenge myself more
14.  volunteer more
15.  be gentle with myself ... I'm doing the best I can

The time is NOW ...


  1. I think is is a wonderful list, a list we should all copy and work on. Happy 2015!

  2. I like "I'm doing the best I can." Just keep that in mind at all times.

  3. I think this is the most sensible list of good intentions I have ever read!

  4. What a great list! I need to adopt that idea also. Although I rarely get to bed before 10 so I have that one covered. Lol