Monday, January 12, 2015

Wrapping Up Those Nests ... and much more!

I know it doesn't look like much, but trust me.  It's a lot!!!!!  Two packs, 40 sheets of tissue paper and 642 stamped nests.  And then 1,926 eggs needed to be colored.  See, I told you it's a lot!!!!!  If you are on the list to receive one of Vicki's beautifully knitted nests, they will be wrapped up in these tissue papers.  Why?  Because presentation is everything!

I'm not sure if she has yet revealed her upcoming designer nests so I won't spill the beans but I have two more packs of tissue paper she needs in May and then another three packs she needs at the end of the year.  And you know as well as I do ... those dates will be here before we can say "nests!"

What else am I working on?  The Runner and I have been hitting just about every store in the Metroplex shopping for Josephine's Children.  I wish you could see our house!  OMGoodness ... there are boxes and shopping bags lining just about every wall.  My goal is to finish shopping as soon as possible and then ship everything to these smiling faces.  They are so anxious to receive everything!

So many of you have opened not only your wallets but your hearts to these children.  My only regret is that I won't be there when they open the boxes of clothing, shoes, school supplies, craft supplies, toys and LOVE.  The love is what I'll pack first.  There may not be room in the boxes for everything they need, but there will be lots of room for all the love you have so generously given.

I've been in contact with Josephine and in every e-mail she tells me just how excited the children are.  She said, "The children are starting to count the days as I had told them that the things will be arriving in the new year..everybody is full of joy and counting the months, days and minutes...true everybody is very excited.  It is now the talk by the children; everybody imagines how they will be looking in the new cloths and shoes and how best they will handle and keep safe whatever will be given to them."

In another e-mail she writes, "... everyone here is already very excited about the gifts..we are very honoured to receive all that has been donated.  Be very sure that I will capture all the moments when the children receive the gifts..every step and every joy of having new things! from abroad and I will be delighted to send the photos to you."

Once those photos are taken and shared with Vicki and me, you KNOW that we'll share them on our blogs.  My hope is that everything that you have donated will put a smile on everybody's face.

Josephine tells me that they "... are very anxious and praying that everything goes on well."  She tells me that "Immaculate is telling me 'I can't wait to see them' ... and that the mood is anxious!"

Her last e-mail to me: "I appreciate all your efforts; may the Almighty keep you and your family in abundance.  We pray for your safety and good health because of the good heart you have for others most especially us who are so far away from you.  My love always to you and your dear friends."

And I echo her words.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done to see that these precious children find joy when they see what you have done for them.  Thank you!

And speaking of love, coming up is the biggest Love Holiday - Valentine's Day and I am busy making paper mache heart-shaped boxes, tags and cards.  Amour, my friends.


  1. You are what most people call a hard worker! You do so much and then darned if you don't go ahead and do a lot more. Good girl.

  2. Both you and Vicki are just so amazing to take on this project and see it through to the end.


  3. Oh my-- the tissue is beautiful!! I appreciate how hard you work and your attention to detail-- it gives me such great pleasure to wrap each of my nests in your lovely creations. Thank you thank you for all you do to help me...

  4. I wish I could be there to see their faces also!! I pray you and Vicki are blessed many times over!

  5. Good night! I just re-read this post! ALL those eggs had to be!!! Kudos to you Sue!!! :)