Saturday, January 26, 2019


First time ever,
Hoffman Estates Police Department in Illinois,
promoted their first female Assistant Chief of Police.

Congratulations on your promotion, Kasia!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Wow - 90 years old

My friend's TWO grandmother's turned 90
and a big celebration party was held in their honor.

I would love to be healthy enough
and live to be 90 - at least!

Happy birthday, Anne Marie and Gayle.
Here's me wishing you perfect health
to make it to 100!!!

Somebody had a birthday this week

That "somebody" was Rachel.
I'm sure it was a great day
with lots of celebrations!

And a couple of cards, too.
What is it about time-worn books
all wrapped up in a bow?
Add a piece of lace and a little flower
and that makes me swoon, that's for sure.

Who doesn't love a little girl
wearing a cowgirl hat and boots?
In pink, no less! 

January is your pageant month, Rachel,
so keep celebrating!

Friday, January 11, 2019

A day (or two or three) late and a dollar short


Not the way I wanted to start off the year by being late
on my first post of 2019.

Four birthdays to jump-start January.
First up was Behlen.
Dang, but I love this little car.
Isn't it just the sweetest ever?

Next up is a card for Mia's best friend, Monette.
There's just something about succulents
gathered together that makes me swoon.

Sharing the same birth date as Monette
is Mia's Aunt Regina.
Ohhhhhhh - a window!
Always amazes me how something so "ordinary"
can be so beautiful!

And last, but not least …
Candy celebrates today (and I'm not late!)
Doors - they're also so photogenic, aren't they?

Happy birthday, ladies.
I hope your day was/is fantastic!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

!!! Happy New Year !!!

If you've been around for the past four years,
you will remember my 15 for twenty fifteen
and my 16 for twenty sixteen
and my 17 for twenty seventeen
and my 18 for twenty eighteen items.

They're not resolutions or goals.
Instead, they were some things
for me to focus on throughout the year.

Keeping with tradition,
I'm keeping these foremost in my mind.
I still want to focus on all of them.

I am hoping my focus will
make me a better person
and will make others happy.

If you are visiting for the first time,
or if you would like a refresher,
I would love to review them with you:

1.  laugh: make someone, at myself, more, out loud

  2.  friends: make more, be a better one,

reconnect with a lost one, nurture them all

  3.  blogging: post more often, increase readership,

visit more, comment/follow more

  4.  don't stay home so much - get out there
and blow the stink off

  5.  my art: step it up!

  6.  send more thank you cards (a lost art, you know!)

  7.  participate in more RAK (random acts of kindness)

  8.  my heart: give from it, open it, love more

  9.  stay up later than 9pm a little more often

10.  be "in the moment" when it matters most

11.  want/need: learn how to differentiate

12.  time management: watch out for those time-eaters

13.  challenge myself more

14.  volunteer more

15.  be gentle with myself ... I'm doing the best I can

16.  tackle: every day tackle one thing
that I've been neglecting

17.  tolerance: of others, of situations, of myself

18.  give something back

And my 19 for twenty nineteen is to


Doesn't matter how you travel.
Perhaps see new places
whether it's in your home town
or somebody else's.
How about just travel in different circles;
you just might make some life-long friends.
Travel somewhere using a different route
because that might open your eyes
to something new.

I will continue to work on each of these
as I go forward this year.

Will you join me?

We have a whole new year ahead of us.

Wouldn't it be wonderful

if we could all be a little more gentle with each other?

Be more respectful?

Show a little more love toward each other?

Be a little more empathetic?

A little more tolerant?

If we all focused on this, maybe next year at this time,
we'd like each other a little more.

As we begin the first day of this new year,
I'd like to wish each and every one of you
the best of the best in 2019.

These next 365 days
are another chance for you to get it right.
Or at least better.

This is going to be your year
so dust yourself off and get started.

Fill your days with magic.

Get enough sleep every single night
and wake up early.

Splurge sometimes.

Love on somebody fiercely.


Cut back on your alcoholic beverages.

Take care of YOU.

Let the person in line go in front of you.

Call a friend.


Kiss your loved one with all you got.

Have good dreams.

Find a new friend.

Create beautiful items.

Stay away from negativity
and those who boast too much.

But most importantly,

Happy New Year
to my family and friends both near and far.