Saturday, December 16, 2017

It's time to share more ...

I've finally gotten our cards in the mail
with the exception of one, which still needs to be created.

Time has gone by too quickly.
This time of year comes around
the same time every year.
Then why am I surprised
that's today is December 16
and I'm still not prepared?
Must do something about this next year.

Here's a few cards that have already
been mailed and/or delivered.
Perhaps even received by the proper parties.

If you're not ready (like me)
then I suggest you hop to it.

Three years of birds

Yes, three years.
That's how many years The Runner
gifted the children
he transported to and from school.

Every year since 2014
I created birds for him to hand out.

This year he decided he wanted snowflakes.
Snowflakes he got.
And snowflakes they got.

And one for his monitor, too.

Most of his students are new this year
but he still transports
some of the same ones that got birds every year.
I hope they're not disappointed!

Oh - and one of the little girl's mom
still has her bird hanging from the rear view mirror.
From two years ago!
So I really hope that family isn't disappointed.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sandy Hook - Five Year Anniversary

I posted these words last year on this day.
I would like to post them again this year.

The shooting took place four years ago today.
Days later, my daughter asked me to create a card
for her and her dispatching co-workers to sign.
She knew those on duty were hurting
and were no doubt traumatized.
She wanted those men and women to know
that they were being thought of
as they were victims as well.

I was trying to make sense of the violence,
and I was also trying to come up
with a card that was poignant enough.

As I was "building" the card, this is the story I wanted to tell:

* the white symbolizes the purity of the children

* the silver symbolizes the brightness in Heaven of 20 new angels

* the gold symbolizes the children's halos

* the feathers symbolize the children's wings

* the spot of red symbolizes the blood shed

* the falling snowflakes symbolize falling tears

* the doves symbolize peace

* the tattered edges on the inside pages symbolize broken hearts

* the gossamer-like ribbon not only ties the pages together,
it ties the community together.

Every time I see this card, my heart aches.
My wish is that the town is healing.

It was a Random Act of Kindness Day

The sweetest woman helped me order something yesterday.
Yep - she got a bird.

This one was given to a sweet
and oh-so-appreciative elderly lady.
Kinda makes me wonder if
this will be the only gift she'll receive this Christmas.

Saw an elderly man in the parking lot.
He didn't have a smile and looked to be struggling.
Both physically and mentally.
I offered the Christmas ornament.
He took it.
And smiled!
Mission accomplished.

This one went home
with a sweet young lady.

I watched a daddy walking into the store with his daughter.
She appeared to be about three years old.
I approached them and asked the little girl
if she would like a Christmas bird.
Her reply?
"No.  I'm hurrying up to go to the bathroom
before I wet my pants."
I gave the ornament to the dad and told him to hurry!

A little boy was fussing in the check-out line.
Mamma tried to console him - to no avail.
I offered this one to him and guess what?
He stopped fussing.
Mamma was happy!

These last two bird ornaments
were given to two sisters
all crammed into one cart with all the groceries.
Unfortunately, they weren't very receptive
because they were all involved
in their electronic devices.
But that's okay, too.

I will never know.
Are these RAK deeds truly appreciated?
Will the ornaments be hung on trees
or displayed in homes?
Or will they be put into the trash cans?

It truly doesn't matter to me.
It puts a smile in my heart
every time I give one away.
Maybe next year I'll create even more.
It makes me feel THAT GOOD.

Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Delivered yesterday

Just a little something to say,
"Thank you, Debbi."
You know what you did to deserve this.

I hope this hangs on your tree every year.
And you think of me.

A different kind of Christmas this year for you.
Try to make it a merry one!

Monday, December 11, 2017

I'm feeling like I want to share more ...

Christmas cards, that is.
I'm not sharing my dessert - just sayin'!

I tried to ice skate.
Only once.
Managed to move about two feet,
my ankles turned in
and down I went.
As I sat there on the ice,
I immediately took the skates off
and headed home.

But JOY to this boy's world.
He looks like he's prepared to have a good time!

Such a sweet little Christmas butterfly.
Wonder where she's headed all dressed up!?! 

I love this image.
Kinda makes me cold though!
How beautiful is that tree with all the snow
resting on the branches?
Oh - and the deer?

Father Christmas.
I wish Santas would wear suits
in colors other than red! 

Merry Christmas!
Before we know it, it will soon be here.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

I would love to share some more Christmas cards

Get ready ...

This one is for a "Secret Sister"

and this one goes to the in-laws

for a young man's school teacher

and this one is for someone special.

Just a sneak peek.
Stay tuned for more.