Sunday, December 24, 2017

Please tell me I'm not the only one running in circles

Actually, everything is finished
except for straightening The Playground.
But up until about an hour ago,
it was touch and go.

I would like to share just a few more things
that never made it up here.

I had leftover satin from the last tree I made
so decided to pick up another Sytrofoam cone
and make another tree.
Rolled only 45 roses on this one!
Will gift it to a long-time friend tomorrow.

These fabric wrapped ornaments
will be given to my friend's sister tomorrow.

I didn't realize I hadn't posted these yet.
They were on my phone - just never got downloaded.

And a few more cards.

Remember me talking about my little neighbor, Jaylen?
I've had such a great time the past 24 days
leaving little treats in her stocking
hung on the railing in the breezeway.

She told me all she wants for Christmas
is a bunny.
Or a dog.
I'm sure she means a real live bunny,
but I decided to make her this
in case Santa falls short.

The Christmas Countdown has been so rewarding.
Every evening when I put the next day's
gift in the stocking, there's a little thank you note.
Here's a couple of my favorites:

Pretty good for a six-year old, isn't it?
Her mamma told me that Jaylen
does this all by herself.
I'm impressed!

Here she is creating a Christmas card
for her parents.
This was the same day she said to me,
"What's wrong with your hair?"
I was in dire need of a haircut
and knew I wasn't looking my best
but I put a surprised look on my face and replied,
"Why?  What's wrong with my hair?"
She said, "It's a wild mess on top!!!"
How could you not crack up?

Time to wrap it up for another year.
Perhaps next year will take it's time
and December won't creep up on all of us.
The struggle was real this year, trust me!

From our house to yours,
I hope your Christmas is magnificent.
Enjoy the food, the gifts and each other.
And remember the reason for the season.
Oh - and of course, your tree!
We are definitely enjoying ours.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Gifted Snowflakes and other Ornaments

They've all been delivered!!!!!
So much fun to create these for friends.
Hopefully, it'll be something they will
display every year.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Some cards from us to our loved ones

I didn't think I allowed myself enough time
to create cards to send out.
But I did it.
Just might be the last year - so those of you that received, enjoy!



!!! Merry Christmas !!!