Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Change overs are difficult!

I had the most difficult time
switching from regular cards
to Christmas cards.

And then I had to switch back
to regular cards.
Does anybody else struggle with that?

Well, here's what happened
during the change over.

This one wasn't all that difficult
because just look at that image!
(Photo Credit to Kathy Sibbald)

Doesn't seem right
using an image with wildflowers
this time of year.
But, oh, how I love it!

Same with a vase of tulips. 

But these seem to fit more into this time of year. 

And this one is probably my favorite.
Who wouldn't want a rusted bucket
full of blush roses?
I know I would! 

Now to get back to Christmas card making.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

A half a century

I don't know about you,
but I think "50" sounds a lot better
than "a half a century."

Well, whichever Carole prefers,
let's give it to her.

What a lovely entryway.
I'd love to knock on that door
as I gaze at all the beauty that surrounds it.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Can we all give a shout-out for Amanda?

Today is her birthday
and she deserves a shout-out!

Let me be the first.
"Happy Birthday, Amanda!!!"
Enjoy your day.

Who wouldn't want a bucket
of blush roses for her birthday?

Thursday, November 22, 2018

What are YOU thankful for today?

I am thankful for ONE MORE DAY!
Not everybody will have one more day.
A day they can celebrate their life.
Give thanks.

Several Thanksgiving cards went in the mail this year.
This one makes me wonder.
I wonder what this little girl's face looks like
as she presents her little veggies to a loved one.
Bettcha she has a big smile on her face. 

There's just something about this pilgrim woman
that makes me wonder.
I wonder what it was like to live back then!?!
None of the modern day conveniences, for sure.
Could we survive if we were forced to go back in time? 

This card was given as a thank you.
Thank you for hosting a delicious family
Thanksgiving meal.

This reminds me so much of my cousin and me.
The wishbone was always saved for us.
Once it had completely "dried out"
we were always allowed to make a wish and pull.
Oh yeah - and the fighting would begin.
Of course, it didn't take much for us to fight.
It's what we did.
And now, I look back with fond memories
of all the temper tantrums and tears.
Because it's what we did.

As you probably already know,
I love taking one image and doing my magic
to make two cards look so much different.

It's all in the embellishments,
choices of papers - and colors.

And last but not least …
"Enter His gates with thanksgiving.
Go into His courts with praise.
Give thanks to Him and praise His name."

Whether you spend your day with family and loved ones
around a large table or just the two of you at a restaurant table,
my wish for you is that your day is spectacular.


Monday, November 19, 2018

Most definitely deserves a chair!

Nothing like a beautiful Autumn bouquet
sitting inside a white pumpkin.
How beautiful is that?

I'd love one if I had a November birthday.
Well, Becka does
so this is in her honor!!!

Happy birthday.
Enjoy everything about this day.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Here comes SuZe Snowflake

That's exactly what I said
as I delivered these snowflakes.

Second year in a row I created ornaments
for Ashley, my esthetician,
at Ashley's Facial & Brows.
She gives them to her clients
after being pampered.

This year, all of her ornaments are snowflakes.
Some are purple, some are brown and some are silver.
And they are all extremely labor-intensive.
Lots of die cutting!

And now I have nearly 40 more to create.


Not sure what I was thinking
when I chose glitter-y paper
to put under the glitter-y snowflakes.
Certainly doesn't do the flakes any justice.

But …
if you are local
and want one, be sure to make an appointment
because there are only 76 to choose from.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

It's time!

It's time to rest your weary head on this pillow.
But only for a minute!

You don't have time today for resting.
Because it's your birthday.

Time to get up and out and kick up your heels
to celebrate.

Enjoy your day, Audrey!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

I'm curious ...

I am wondering if, over the years,
 more of her birthdays
were warm or cold like today?

She lives about four hours from me
and it's freezing here
so I'm guessing it's freezing in Houston, too.

I'm thinking maybe she should
fill one of these bowls with hot soup.
THEN move on to the birthday cake and ice cream.

Happy birthday, Kathy.
May your day be filled with all things warm.

Monday, November 12, 2018

A little birthday celebration

Barb celebrated yesterday.

I love birthdays and I'm sure she enjoyed herself.
Phone calls, cards, gifts, cake and ice cream.
Sounds like a perfect day to me.

And a perfect Autumn image
for a November birthday.

Happy birthday, Barb!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Baby Shower Card

It won't be long now
before Amanda holds her little boy in her arms.
Such an exciting time for the family.

Yesterday was the shower
and here's the card.

I'm sure there were enough gifts for this child
to carry him through the first year of his life.
Isn't that what's supposed to happen?


Not sure if you remember seeing this card
a short while ago or not.

Same image, same occasion.
Different shower, different mamma, different baby.

Since I love this image so much,
I challenged myself to change it up.
One for a little girl baby,
one for a little boy baby.

That was fun!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

It's a good day for a wedding

Pete (Patricia) and Paul
will tie the knot later today.

I think it's wonderful when two kind souls
are brought together
after losing their long-time spouses.
Nobody should have to live their lives alone.

Best wishes for Joy, Love and Happiness.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A Few November Birthdays

What happens when you have a birthday
close to Halloween?
Well, you get a Halloween-themed card, that's what!
Lauren celebrated two days ago.
How sweet is the smile on that pumpkin?

Yesterday, Celeste celebrated!
I don't know about her,
but I'd love to see this in my entryway.

Today Caroline celebrates her special day.
Wouldn't you love to have a desk and chair like this?
Especially if it had a beautiful bouquet!

Denae loves to go on a safari.
Suppose her resting place was like this?

Last but not least,
my daughter-in-law will be celebrating
in two more days.
(It's safe to post - I checked!)
Another sweet desk and chair, too.

Happy, happy birthday ladies.
I hope your day is/was magnificent,
just like you!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

"BE ..."

My daughter's friend
was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.
That's a tough one to have to go through
and I can't even imagine.

Of course, Audrey's emotions are all over the board.
"Up" days and "down" days
and many "in-between" days.

To help her focus on positivity throughout this journey,
I created this "BE …" book for her,
wanting her to focus on the words on each page.
Something to flip through when she's feeling down.

I especially love the large rose-colored carnation
and the two white daffodils.
All three flowers, and the leaves,
are made from some material I've never seen before.
They're hard and I suppose would break easily.
Kind of like porcelain.
And not to let the multi-colored organza flower
take a backseat either.
The fabric was given to me by my friend, Julie,
and I rolled it into this rose.

Here's hoping she can be FEARLESS
as she goes through the process.
The soft tones should be an inspiration.
A bad as she might feel,
I'm hoping she remembers that
"It's A Good Day."

This little one in her tutu is sure to
put a smile on Audrey's face.
Go ahead and dance, girl!
Oh - and what's not to love about those back rolls?

Perhaps a trip to the beach
probably isn't in her cards right now,
but maybe just looking at this image
might CALM her.
How could you not feel the serenity?
The light and airy three handmade organza flowers
just add to the calmness of the scene
since they echo the colors of the sea.

I'm hoping UNAFRAID is how she is.
On those days where she is a little afraid,
maybe a vase of white tulips
and an ice cream treat might help.
With a cherry on top, of course!

I chose metal frogs for this page
because they are strong.
Strong enough to hold up the most stubborn flowers.
My wish is that Audrey is as STRONG
or maybe even stronger.
Another fabric rolled rose
and peony-looking organza flower
to grace this page.

"No matter
how you feel,
get up,
dress up,
show up
and never give up."

I know she can do this.
Not feeling pretty?
Put a string of pearls around your neck
and show us what you got.

I'm sure this is something she will need to work on.
The sun comes up every day
and brings light to the world.
And so will she!
(Photo credit goes to Kathy Sibbald.)

Another piece of cardstock
die cut, inked, sprayed and crinkled
to turn it into a happy, layered flower,
much like what might be found on the
floor of these woods.

I know she's determined to kick this
and come out even stronger.
Again, following the same process,
these two flowers made from cardstock
that surround the View Master slide
are my favorite elements of this page.

This word and sentiment in the image says it all.
Audrey said this is her favorite page
because she "has none."
Patience, that is.
But I'm sure she's doing the best she can.

At the end of the tunnel,
she will be VICTORIOUS.
Yes, she will.

"Never Stop Believing
in Hope Because
Miracles Happen

Wait for it.
You will be victorious.

The back cover?