Sunday, November 18, 2018

Here comes SuZe Snowflake

That's exactly what I said
as I delivered these snowflakes.

Second year in a row I created ornaments
for Ashley, my esthetician,
at Ashley's Facial & Brows.
She gives them to her clients
after being pampered.

This year, all of her ornaments are snowflakes.
Some are purple, some are brown and some are silver.
And they are all extremely labor-intensive.
Lots of die cutting!

And now I have nearly 40 more to create.


Not sure what I was thinking
when I chose glitter-y paper
to put under the glitter-y snowflakes.
Certainly doesn't do the flakes any justice.

But …
if you are local
and want one, be sure to make an appointment
because there are only 76 to choose from.


  1. Sue, what can I say,- you are fantastic ... 76 beautiful snowflake ornaments , and so gorgeous all. I hope you have something for all your effort my dear. xoxo

  2. I've been out of town for forever and have missed commenting on your creations. These snowflakes are gorgeous! You have been very busy! Sending you happy Thanksgiving wishes as we leave once again for several days.