Thursday, June 14, 2018

Album: Engagement, Wedding and Honeymoon

… all wrapped up in one mini - errrrrrr, not so mini album.

I was asked to create an album
for her nephew and his love.
She wanted me to incorporate the engagement,
the wedding and the honeymoon.

It took me longer than I wanted
but two hospital visits
and two months of being "under the weather"
prevented me from being more timely.

But once I got started,
there was no stopping me.

Even after I finished every page,
I felt like I wanted more.
I went through ever container,
every box, every basket, every bin
searching for just the right piece for each page.
All of that took about another four days.
Then I decided enough was enough.

There's just so much to this that I'll have to share in increments.
First up, of course, is the spine and the front cover
followed by the engagement.

If you've seen any of my work,
you know it has to have flowers.
Lots of flowers.
I couldn't find a large enough flower
for the cover.
So what did I do?
I made that large one and the one below it.

Can't you just feel the love?
And the nerves?

There were only so many pages to the album
and I had so many pictures I wanted to use
so I had to get creative.
I felt like I needed an engineering degree
to figure out where I needed to go with this.
Fortunately, there was a gap
between the pages and the spine
which allowed me to thread fibers
through that gap to attach some smaller pages.
It worked!

Love seeing a man down on his knees
asking the most important question
he will ever ask!

Judging by the huge hug,
I'm assuming she said "yes!" 

I'd say he did alright for himself.
This ring is stunning! 

I'm not positive that this picture was taken
after the engagement or not
but that's the sequence I was given them.
Either way, it works. 

So glad the family was there to witness
such a wonderful occasion. 

Did you notice a common denominator in these pictures?
I think there are 18 of them.
(Not the first two pictures, but the remaining.)

That's all, folks!
Stay tuned tomorrow for wedding pictures.
I don't want you to lose interest by looking at
so many pictures on the first day.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Sue, truly a stunning book of love you created for the young happy couple . And I`m sure you know, I LOVE all the pages, with your gorgeous flowers, the homemade and the others, all together creating amazing pages . You surely have to create more gorgeous books .
    I`m not sure of the denominator , first thoughts the butterflies, but can`t make them to 18 .....:-)