Friday, January 11, 2019

A day (or two or three) late and a dollar short


Not the way I wanted to start off the year by being late
on my first post of 2019.

Four birthdays to jump-start January.
First up was Behlen.
Dang, but I love this little car.
Isn't it just the sweetest ever?

Next up is a card for Mia's best friend, Monette.
There's just something about succulents
gathered together that makes me swoon.

Sharing the same birth date as Monette
is Mia's Aunt Regina.
Ohhhhhhh - a window!
Always amazes me how something so "ordinary"
can be so beautiful!

And last, but not least …
Candy celebrates today (and I'm not late!)
Doors - they're also so photogenic, aren't they?

Happy birthday, ladies.
I hope your day was/is fantastic!


  1. They are beautiful, full of happy life, and wonderful colors , flowers and plants- so love them Sue !! xo

  2. So I looked at the first one and said to myself that it is my favorite. Then I saw the second and changed my mind to say that it is my favorite. The third and fourth got the same responses. Is it possible that all four are my favorite? Yep!