Saturday, April 21, 2018

Just a little behind ...

These cards have been sitting
in my Photo Gallery for ages.
Shame on me!

First up is a thank you card.
Sent this to a new friend
for something special she did for me.

And another thank you card.
Nance thought of me in the nicest way.
She gave me a large box of papers
her employer was going to throw away.
If you know me, you know I'll put every scrap to good use.
Come to find out,
this dog is just like her sister's dog.
The one Nance dog-sits for when the family is out-of-town.

Lydia celebrated a birthday
... last month.
Told you I'm a little behind.

Don't like making these.
Don't like the reason for making these.
But I like the way it makes recipients feel.
Deepest sympathy DJ and Darlene.

Next time, I hope to be on time.


  1. Beautiful, and gorgeous cards , again Sue, I love the last one in aqua and brown colors, so wonderful, but they are all so lovely, and made with the heart , dear ! xoxo

  2. Great cards as always. I'm behind too - babysat all weekend in Austin and now getting ready to leave on Wed. for my retreat. April has been a blur!