Sunday, December 21, 2014

What a great gift ...

A long-ago acquaintance asked me if I could make cards using photos.  Of course.  I can do that!  She wanted to give a dozen cards to her mom for Christmas - cards she could send out to her friends.  I'll start off by showing her mom, Phyllis.

One of the cards Karen thought would be nice is her parents' wedding picture.  Perfect for Phyllis to give to Skip.  They just celebrated their 55th anniversary in September!

Here are her parents in Hawaii celebrating their 25th wedding anniversaries with their best friends, Don and Lin - perfect to send to them for any occasion, don't you agree?  I just wish the picture was more clear.  Nothing like the new digital cameras for better quality.

Another request was a picture of Karen's late dog, Bogey.  I'm told Phyllis and Skip loved him like a grandchild.  He certainly looks like a gentle soul.  No wonder he is missed.

And, of course, pictures of Karen's beautiful children.  What Gramma wouldn't love to have cards with "grands" pictures on them?  I wonder who Phyllis will send this card to next Christmas ...

OMGosh ... how sweet is this picture of Brady!?!

Oh boy - what I wouldn't give to have those curls, Delaney!

How handsome is Brady?  The smile just says it all.

This is exactly how I remember Karen.  No wonder she calls Delaney "Mini Me!"

Every child need to take a field trip to the local fire station.  The firefighters are always excited to have visitors so that they can show off their toys.

Nothing like a Michigan day to roll in the raked Autumn leaves.

Oh - and every child just loves to throw the leaves up in the air.  Especially Delaney!

I hope Phyllis is surprised and happy with her Christmas gift and all the recipients treasure their cards.  Thank you, Karen!

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