Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Presents ...

Today was the GCISD's Transportation Department's Christmas party.  First up is one of the gifts that The Runner took for his exchange gift.  I love this 5"x5" canvas so much (I have made them the past few years) that I decided to create one for this exchange.  The best part is the monochromatic, earthy look - will work with any color scheme.

This little frame sure took on a completely different look; it started out a ghastly orange color.  After a coat of Gesso and a couple of coats of paint, this is how it turned out.  What better piece than this to hold The Man of the Season.

You'll be seeing more of these in a future post.  This Hershey milk chocolate candy bar is hidden just a little bit under some pretty paper, ribbon and snow scene.

Here's another shadowbox/hanging card/ornament.  I've used this same picture and sentiment on a card and loved it so much that I just had to use it again.

I couldn't resist the sentiment.  The sour expressions on these children is priceless and they just need to be reminded to "get their MERRY on" ...

Here are close-ups taken from different angles.  I don't want you to miss anything.

The gifts were individually wrapped and then put inside a larger box, with this card on the top.  I wish you could see how "brightly shining" those stars are in person!

This ornament was actually the first gift I created for this exchange and I was disappointed that it wouldn't fit inside the box.  I thought I was going to have to just hang it on our tree but then decided I could just utilize it as part of the gift wrapping.

Here's hoping these little baubles merry-up somebody's Christmas not only this year, but in years to come.
Ohhhhhhhh - and the very best part?  The exchanging of gifts was where everybody had a choice of an unopened gift or they could steal.  The Runner "stole" a $15 Hobby Lobby gift card.  For ME!

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