Saturday, December 27, 2014


Yes, I am recharging my batteries.  After the Christmas-card-frenzy, I'm ready to recharge.  I haven't created a card in FIVE DAYS - unheard of in my life.  I'm not physically creating, but you wouldn't believe how much creating I'm doing in my brain.  Oh yeah ... I've got big plans for 2015.

The majority of my creating seems to be on cards.  Since I didn't start this blog until mid-year, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites with you.  As I viewed the cards by month, initially I thought I would choose just one.  Well, that was an impossibility, which is quite obvious.  Since I'll be featuring so many cards, I think I'll just break it down and give you a little taste over the next four days.  Sooooo, let's begin with January 2014:

Shocker!  I was able to choose just one of my favorites for January and this went to one of my favorite people on her birthday.

Just can't not feature a Valentine (or hearts) for the month of love, can I?

This was for Susan to give to her husband ... on their 19th anniversary (see how I drew the square around the number 19?)

March winds blew in St. Patrick's Day cards, birthday cards, thank you cards and "just because" cards.

The word band says "capture life's moments" ... and I'm sure he does every single day.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  People just don't take the time to send a thank you card.  That makes me so sad ... and it's really quite the pet peeve with me.

Please come back tomorrow to see my favorites for April, May and June.  Please tell me which one is your favorite!


  1. All sooo pretty, Sue! I'm loving the technique you used on the flower in the first one! Love that card! I'm also loving the black, gray, and red one. There are things to love about them all. Thanks for sharing!
    ~Linda P.

  2. As always, love them all. My favorite is the capture life's moments card.

  3. I don't know how you picked a favorite. I couldn't. I love all of them. Like you some are emotionally difficult, but that's the way life is. I'm sure you'll grow and make more beautiful crafts during 2015