Monday, December 29, 2014

July, August and September

July was a busy month.  Lots of birthdays, lots of cards.  And, as you can see, lots of favorites!  The first one went to my friend, Vicki ... you know Vicki.  She's the "nest lady" so when I saw this image, it had her name all over it.

Many times my cards do not say "happy birthday" ... I leave that for the sender to write their sentiment inside the card.

There's just something about these vintage photos that make me melt.  When I see them, I just have to use them on a card. 
I'm sure it was a happy day for my special friend when she got this card. 

No doubt in my mind, this was my absolute favorite.  The picture is of my great grandmother and I created this for my cousin to give to her daughter for her birthday.  I pulled out all the stops on this one and enjoyed the process.  My cousin actually had it framed before giving it to Lisa.  I hope she enjoys it every time she looks at it.

August was a busy month, too.  Lots of birthdays and here are a few of my favorites:

A hand-made apron deserves a thank you card!!!  Thank you again, Julie.
Right out the chute in September I had to create this card for The Runner's friend that was diagnosed with cancer.

On a happier note, this special 90th birthday card was for a very special friend of our family.  These little girls reminded me of Charlotte.

She asked for "colorful" and this is what she got.  I love every single color on this card.

Not only did a 50-year-old receive this card, but his wife surprised him with a trip to the beach for his birthday.

Only three months left.  Please come back tomorrow and see my favorites!

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  1. Yes, so beautiful. Adds so much to everyday life.