Sunday, December 14, 2014

Happy Anniversary - 1 year and 40 years

Yep - both happening on the same day - with a few years separating the number of years for each couple.  T and J are celebrating their anniversary number one today.  Enjoy your day and keep on loving each other. 

Sweet Alice asked that there be a little prayer inside this card.  When I showed her, her eyes were just a little bit moist.  I cannot take credit for the writings ... wish I could remember who wrote it so that I could give credit.  Happy 40 years to both of you!

I just love anniversaries!  Maybe later on in the month I'll share something I created for The Runner several years ago for our anniversary!  Stay tuned ...


  1. Both cards are beautiful. Love the pics you chose.

  2. You just keep making more beautiful cards---- your crafting stash of supplies must be amazing!!