Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More Christmas

I'm going to start off with one that just makes my heart smile.  There's something about the snow nestled in those weeds!  I can almost hear the wind whistling through the field.

I told you this little girl was popular this year.  I would love to see her face and hair!

What's not to {heart} about this card?  Ohhhhhhhh, and those cinnamon sticks ... I can smell the delicious aroma just by looking at them!
What a beautiful place setting.  I just love using cloth napkins - always seems to make the food taste better and the meal a special celebration.

I told you you've not seen the end of that white truck.  Go ahead and look at yesterday's post and see how different the same image looks on two different cards.

This one is as soft in person as it looks here on the blog.  I guess you could say this angel has a heart of gold.

Father Christmas ... what's not to love!?!  The colors on the card blend beautifully with the image.  And it's not Christmas unless there's glitter!

When I found this animal print felt I shook my head and said "what would you ever use this for/on?"  And then I had an idea ...

Don't get nervous.  It's not Rudolph wearing the bling - she's a doe.  A female deer.

Keeping with 'saving the best for last,' I've done it again.  I was tired of creating with angels, trees, Santa, Father Christmas, snow and nature images.  As I dug through my collections, I saw this picture and really wanted to put it on a card.  But ... it just wasn't festive.  And then it dawned on me.  And now it's probably my favorite card of the season.

Thanks for looking at what's been keeping me so busy.  I'm winding down and now and I am ready to get my MERRY on.  Please leave a comment and tell me which of this collection is your favorite?


  1. My favorite card is the one with the little girl blowing snow from her hands. It looks like the snow is really coming off of the card.

  2. Lovely, lovely. I know how much you enjoy making these Christmas cards.