Sunday, December 28, 2014

April, May and June

As promised, I am back with a few of my favorites.  Easter arrived in April this year and I just couldn't choose my favorite, so you'll get to see two:

May, in my mind, means Mother's Day.  Creating cards for this holiday is bittersweet for me, but I am happy that my cards put a smile some faces.
Isn't it amazing how different two cards can look when they have the same background, but different embellishments?  I couldn't choose between the two as "favorites" so you'll see both of them.
Even though Mother's Day cards are difficult (mentally) for me to make, they're probably my favorite.  That statement probably doesn't make much sense - what I mean is that I can pull out all the bells and whistles.  By the way: "bells and whistles" translated means lace, flowers, glitter, bling, tulle and all things girlie. 

This one is probably the most simple card I have ever created - yet, look at all there is to it.  Perfect for a teenager's birthday.
June = Father's Day.  Here's one for a fisherman.  We all know that rulers (or in this case, a tape measurer) is need to tell the 100% true story.
And, of course, a girlie one, which I really enjoyed creating.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see what I'm going to share with you: July, August and September.

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  1. I truly love them all, so beautiful! Love the attention to detail..(all the bells and whistles)!! Just so very beautiful!