Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The last day of the year

How are you going to spend your day today?  How about tonight?  Will you be celebrating the old and ringing in the new?  Yeah - the latter isn't gonna happen in our home.  Don't get me wrong.  We'll ring in the new but it'll be about 8:00, if we're lucky.

As I reflect back on this year, we were so blessed.

The Runner competed in four off-road marathons (three first places and one third place in his age division) and four off-road 50Ks (two first places, one second place and one third place in his age division) and one 55K (third place in his age division.)  He is a MACHINE!

We went to three parties, several city-sponsored concerts and celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary.  The daughter visited from Chicago to celebrate Mother's Day with me.

I went on seven retreats and one all-day crop at a friend's home, five scrapbook conventions and helped two friends organize their craft rooms.  I work in my playground almost every day and I cannot even begin to tally up all the cards and craft projects I worked on or all the flowers I made.  Just know there were oodles!

I continued to enjoy volunteering with the fire department: Super Bowl Sundae, badge pinnings, retirements, monthly meetings, station tours, scholarship committee, bake sale, spaghetti dinner, TLC cards to honor firefighter's birthdays and anniversaries.  And I can't forget all the deviled eggs (in excess of 200) I made to take to different events.

I joined forces with Vicki to help the beautiful children in Uganda.  Can I just say I am in awe!?!  The generosity of so many will help these children tremendously.  We have collected over $2,000 in cash as well as over $200 in Walmart gift cards.  Neither Vicki nor I ever - in our wildest imaginations (and hopes) - expected to receive donations of this magnitude.  And the craft supplies - oh my goodness.  I have boxes and boxes and boxes stacked in two different closets.  Just after the first of the year, I will go on a shopping spree that will beat all others.  My cart(s) will be filled with clothing and shoes for each of these children as well as hygiene supplies, toiletries, book bags, school supplies and toys.  In about one month, everything will be shipped to them.  Josephine promised to take pictures - and you know I'll be posting them.

You know you gotta take the good with the bad, right?  Well, here's the not-so-good stuff:  Tendinitis in my ankle which meant wearing a boot for two weeks and three bouts of sinusitis.  But if that's all the health issues we have, I'll take it.  We are so fortunate!

As you look to the new year, hold onto what is GOOD.  Let go of what is BAD.  It is really just that simple.


  1. Something good is happening in June 2015!

  2. Yes, you did have a good year. The upcoming one will probably exceed even that! And it will definitely be fulfilling. I know you already have plans on your calendar that you know already will be exciting. Happy New Year to both of you. I am so blessed to know you.

  3. Well Sue I would call that an exceptionally good year in what you have achieved!
    You should be so proud of yourself and the wonderful work you have done in assisting Vicki with the Josephine project as well as all the others as well.
    Be blessed again for another wonderful year of good health and happiness!

  4. Well it's really no surprise to read all of your activities here-- you are truly the energizer bunny! I don't know anyone who can get as much done as you!!

    I am forever grateful for all the support you are pouring into our project for Josephine's children-- thank you from the bottom of my heart.