Friday, December 9, 2016

There's always enough to go around

Glitter, that is.

When my favorite holiday (Christmas)
marries one of my favorite loves (glitter)
then we have a sparkling and magical event.

We've been walking on glitter,
swiping it off of our faces,
brushing it off of our clothes
and just keep on going.
We never skipped a beat!

It's the season, I say.
It's supposed to be like this.

Good thing I am sharing the glitter
because there's lots here.

The other day I delivered this to a friend.

And I then drove down the street
and delivered this one.

Since I was out and about,
these three angels made their way
to three other friends' homes.

Received texts from friends
that received our Christmas cards.

First one was from a long-ago good friend.

Last year, my dear friend, Vicki,
wrote this under a photograph
in this blog post:
"this photo would make a beautiful Christmas card..."

I immediately dropped what I was doing
and printed the image and made the card.
And saved it for nearly a whole year.

She tells me they hope to go back to Appalachia
next week.
Who knows ... perhaps she'll take a picture
of next year's card!

Later on today I'll be giving these
to two sisters and a brother.
Cute little kids and I think they need
some Christmas joy.

I hope they're surprised
and enjoy a pre-Christmas gift.

1 comment:

  1. Everything is so pretty! My favorite one is the first card!
    Many hugs.
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen