Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sister Swap - Part One, First Quarter

I'm sure you've heard me mention
the tag swap my sister and I did, right?

This is the front cover
and the inside front cover of the set
that I created and sent to her.

Well, here's how it came about.
Last year, we decided to make tags for each other.
Not just any kind of tag, mind you.
But special tags.

We were to make a total of 24 tags for the year.
Two tags for each month.
The first one typically pertained to an event
for that month, as in a holiday.
We called these "THEME" tags.

This is my THEME tag for January
and this is my New Year's wish for her.

Additionally, each of us took
three pictures each month
of a "PERSON" and a "PLACE" and a "THING"
and then e-mailed it to each other.

Each month she took a picture of each of these
and I got to choose just one for the tag.
Of course, this was a secret.
The big reveal was this week
when we each received a box in the mail.
My box from her arrived on Tuesday.
Her box from me arrived on Thursday.
Yes, we face timed
as each of us opened our treasures.

This is the picture she took
that I chose for January.
This was her fifth grade classroom - a PLACE.

And this is what I did with the photo.
See if you notice anything different.
Her photo (above) and what I did to it (below)
is different.
Can you find the two things?

And bam - it's already February.
I chose to highlight Valentine's Day
as my THEME tag.
Many years ago,
The Runner e-mailed me this card.
I treasure it to this day.
And it still makes me laugh.

I cannot and will not
provide any details about this PLACE.
It's a family secret and only a few of us
know the details.

What I will tell you is this.
My sister called me nearly 10 years ago
and then she patched in my daughter.
The three of us were laughing so hard
we couldn't even understand each other.
Happy memories
over something so crazy
that you wouldn't even believe me
even if I did decide to share.
Which I won't, so don't ask.

What happens in March?
Well, St. Patrick's Day, of course.
And that's the THEME I went with.
I have no idea how this happened
or if she ever found it,
but see the real four-leaf clover
just below the month?
Somehow, in transit, it fell off the tag.
I found that many years ago and have held onto it
for myself.
Until I decided to share it with her.
Does this mean now I won't have good luck?

She took this picture of a THING
because of our mother.
Her favorite flower was the pansy.
She always said "... little faces looking at me."
This one's for you, Mom.

first day of Spring?
Not in 2016.
Not in 2016.
Then why did I create an Easter tag
for the THEME?

I didn't.
Well, actually, I guess I did.

What else happens in April?
April Fool's Day, right?

Since I had my heart set on using
the St. Patrick's clover picture in March,
and since the first day of Spring is in March
and since Easter was in March,
I created an Easter tag
and made the THEME tag
be April Fools Day.

Why was I so determined
to create an Easter tag?

If you look closely,
you'll see the box of candy called Daggett's.
That's our maiden name
and I had to use this image.

Did you notice the "FOOL" under the month?

The PERSON photo I chose is of Oliver,
my sister's grandson.
He's getting his first haircut
at Walt Disney World.
(I wish he would have had his eyes closed
so that you could see how incredibly long
his eyelashes are.)

Well there you have it.
The first quarter finished.
I'll be posting the remainder of the year
at another time.

Are you interested in seeing
the PERSON, PLACE and THING photos
that I sent to her?
How about which photo she chose for her tags,
as well as her THEME tags?
Then I invite you to visit her blog at
and see the tags she created for me.


  1. Congratulations on getting your post up!

    Even though I've looked at the tags in real life more than four or five or maybe even six times so far, there are still some features that stand out more in the photographs. That's strange, isn't it? For example, the embossing on the Oliver haircut tag shows up more in the photo, as well as the white embossing(?) on the January theme.

    For your blog readers, the "Mrs. Pajer" on the door in my classroom is not for the classroom ... it goes to the bathroom.

    Still laughing about the family secret photo.

    Love it! Can't wait to see more!

  2. So I am looking at your posts again. I just realized that I am also in the picture of Oliver. Too funny!