Monday, December 5, 2016

Sister Swap - Part Three, Third Quarter

I love all things patriotic
so how could I not focus on The Fourth of July
for my THEME tag?

This flag is one that I had outside,
either in a pot of flowers
or in the ground,
the entire 20 years that my daughter
was in the United States Navy.
Once she retired, I saved the flag.
It was dirty so I washed it,
which caused it to fray even more.
And I love the look of Old Glory.

The PLACE picture I chose
is this piece of art in downtown Naples.
I'd love to see it in person, wouldn't you?

Back to School.
And that's the THEME I went with
for the August tag
since my sister is a school teacher.
She can relate.

All three pictures she sent me for this month
had prisms.
Initially, I chose another one.

Then I decided to go with the PERSON picture
that showcases her hand.
Not only is it a perfect and beautiful prism,
but every time I see her hands,
I think of our father.
Her hands so closely resemble his.
Be sure to notice the three hearts in the flowers.

If I had to choose a favorite tag,
it would have to be the September THEME tag.
Not because of the way it's created.
Not for the way it's embellished.
But because of the content.

My sister was born in September
and I wanted the focus to be on that event.

The tag isn't anything that exceptional
that would make it my favorite.

Except ...
inside that envelope
is where all the good stuff is.
Here is a letter that I wrote my sweet mama
the day my sister was born.

I know it's difficult to read
and I want you to hear what I wrote:

(Jesus. Mary. Joseph. - I went to Catholic school!)
Sept. 14, 1954

Dear Mama:

Are you allowed to walk yet?  Do you know when you are coming home?  I went up to get prunes up the road.  Will the baby come home with you?  I hope so.  Did you like my letter?  I liked yours.  And now all ready to get washed and get my p.js.  Good-night Mama and sister

Wed. 8pM. - Just came from playing at Nancy's.  Did you find a name for the baby?  Grandma is going to take a bath now.  And I just got thrue getting my bath too and getting my p.js. on too.  And Grandma is going to put on the skirt on the bassa-net.  And now it is time for me to get to bed.
xo xo xo xo
God Bless you and sister


Of course, Mama replied!

Dear Susan Honey,

Mamma got out of bed to use the bathroom but I couldn't stay up.  Maybe tomorrow I can.  Your little Sister is pretty.  She is just a tiny tot.  About as big as your blonde hair doll.  She has dark sort of curly hair.  I don't know what color eyes because she slept all the while I held her.  She is as soft as butter but you're still my butter ball.  Aren't you?  How did school go today?  Didn't I tell you that you'd have a surprize when you got up this morning?  Remind Daddy to call Leta and Ann Knorr & tell them about your sister or you do it.  Also have Daddy bring a mirror to me.  Be a good girl for Gramma & Baba.  Here's a big kiss & hug for you.  Do you miss me?  I do you.  Be seeing you.

Times sure have changed regarding births, haven't they?
Ummmmmmm - it's about the "butter ball" part.

My sister is always telling me
how much she loves their bedroom.
Often, she's referred to it as "spa-like."
And that's why I chose this picture
and used blues and browns.
The bed sure does look comfy, doesn't it?

Once again,

If you interested in seeing

the PERSON, PLACE and THING photos

that I sent to my sister.
Or which photo she chose for her tags,
as well as her THEME tags?
Then I invite you to visit her blog at
and see the tags she created for me.

Another quarter finished.
Stay tuned .
Tomorrow I'll wrap up the year.

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  1. I'm so enjoying reading about your tags. And what loving letters you and your mother exchanged, lovely.