Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Happy (belated) birthday, Dana

If you know Dana, you know how special she is!
I know her birthday was
as special as she is.
This one was from her friend.

And this one is was from her other friend.
The plan was to take Dana out for dinner.
To her favorite Italian restaurant.
And she asked for an "Italian theme" ... hence the spaghetti.

Not sure if that happened or not.
You see, the birthday girl recently had strep throat.

If it didn't, I'm sure she'll get a rain check!

I'm sure you had a happy birthday, my friend.


  1. It was a fun birthday and the partying still continues!! Loved the are amazing and so talented.

  2. Sue, once again you create card magic with your designer cards. These are incredible and I am sure are loved to be received. Wishing you a nice weekend my friend. xoxo