Saturday, December 17, 2016

Gift Exchange

Every year The Runner
participates in the gift exchange at work.

And every year I make a card
and the gift.

This year was no exception.

I absolutely LOVE making trees.
Every year I have made several.
Many are displayed in our home
and I call it "the forest."

This one is made with a nine-inch Styrofoam cone.
Adhered are 56 satin roses
that I rolled and hot glued all by myself.

I've made wreaths before.
But never one like this.
A total of 275 unbleached coffee filters
are attached to a 14-inch Styrofoam wreath.
Can you just say "hot glue gun burns?"

The Runner was hoping one particular man
would receive this.
And he did.
You see, Bernie has shared pictures of his home
all decked out for Christmas
and The Runner thought these
would be appreciated.
(They were!)

After he opened the box,
he patted the lid and said,
"My Christmas shopping is finished."

The next day, he told The Runner this:
"I got home before my wife.
Took the tree out of the box.
Took the wreath out of the box.
Took the card out of the box.
Scratched out your name
and replaced it with mine.
Set everything up on the table for the wife."
Funny man!

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  1. Love that wreath, Sue! Merry Christmas to you & the Runner...God bless.