Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sister Swap - Part Two, Second Quarter

Seems like you weren't counting.
There are only three months to a quarter, right?

My last post regarding the tags?
Well, I snuck in April.
As in April Fools all over again.

Therefore, this post will only feature May and June.

My THEME tag I chose for May
is Mother's Day.
Even though she's sitting
in front of our Christmas tree,
I chose this picture simply because
I had never seen it - nor had my sister.
Not until after both of our parents were gone.
Another picture that generated many laughs.

Funny thing is - neither one of us
ever saw this "evening wear" outfit
she was wearing.
Hmmmmmmmm ... makes ya wonder, doesn't it?

The PLACE photo I chose
was The Garden of Courage and Hope
in Naples.
This looks like such a peaceful setting.
My sister tells me she took me there
but I don't remember
so it's nice to have this picture.

Naturally, my THEME tag for June
was all about my father.
His birth month as well as Father's Day.

This picture of him is one of our favorites
and I'm sure you've seen it here
and on Facebook.
Wasn't he the cutest ever?

This Butterfly Garden
in my sister's neighborhood
and I used this photo for my PLACE tag.
One more peaceful setting.

I invite you to visit my sister's blog at
Check out the photos I sent to her
as well as which photo she chose for her tags,
as well as her THEME tag.

Stay tuned for the third quarter.

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