Thursday, December 17, 2015

Who doesn't love a Christmas party?

Yesterday morning,
GCISD Transportation Department had their party.
They were to bring a pot luck dish as well as a wrapped gift.
I whipped up peppers/sausages pasta.
We think there was enough there to feed an army.
Not real sure about serving this at 9am though
but those that partook saw nothing wrong with it.
Here's the card I created for The Runner,
aka The Driver.

Everybody loves Santa, right?
Well, here is all framed up and ready to decorate any room of the house.

This sweet little frame has been transformed
into a little hanging.
Can be hung on the tree or not.

Thank you, Michael's, for introducing new letters!
These are made of wood and already painted (black.)
And they stand so much better than the paper mâché ones!
I hope Bill and his family likes this gift and enjoys it for years to come.
I wanted to keep the colors neutral, not knowing where it will be displayed.
White, cream, silver and brown - very woodsy, too.

I tissue-wrapped each gift and put them inside a large box.
As each letter was unwrapped, they were trying to figure out what it spelled.
One they were all unwrapped, somebody said "LEON" ...

Here's a close-up of each letter.

The bottom of the "O" seemed like a perfect place for this little bird to nest.

Oh my goodness.
I've had this rusty moose for years and years.
It's not that I didn't want to part with him.
It's just that I couldn't come up with a perfect way to include him.
Until this project.
And what's a moose without a glittered jingle bell around his neck?

Feathers, ferns, berries, a snowflake and a flower.
All resting in the corner of the "L" - works for me.

Merry Christmas to Bill.
And to all of The Runner's Transportation Department coworkers.
See ya next year.  I've already got some ideas for the gift!

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