Saturday, December 19, 2015

My Christmas R.A.K.

It all began three years ago.
The little bird tags you've been seeing here on my blog
have also become an Random Act of Kindness tradition for me.
This is the third year that I've surprised complete strangers.
After the first year, I just knew I had to do it every year.
You can read all about that right here.
Last year nothing special happened.
Oh, don't get me wrong - everybody was very appreciative
and enjoyed their bird.
I'm not sorry I "played Santa" - not at all.
It's just that in comparison to the first year, it was lackluster.
This year?
Oh my goodness.
The very first bird I handed out just made my day/month/year!
I went to Grapevine Mills Mall to pick up a gift card
(with birds in tow.)
Just outside the store I was headed into sat a little girl with her daddy.
She was looking at his phone as he was showing her something.
Okay - let me recreate it for you:
Me:  Excuse me (they both looked up) ... do you have your Christmas tree up yet?

Little Girl:  Yes.

Daddy:  Yes, we do.  Would you like to see a picture of it?
As he scrolled through his photos, she was smiling at me
and probably wondered why I was there
and why her daddy was showing me their tree.

Me:  (looking at her) ... That's a beautiful tree - is that you
standing in front of the tree?

Little Girl:  Yes
Me:  (reaching in my bag) ... Would you like to have this to hang on your tree?

Little Girl:  (are you ready for this?)  Is it free?
Me:  (chuckling) ... Of course it's free and it's for you.

Little Girl:  What's the matter - don't you like it?
Me:  Yes, I like it.  Every year I make these
and pass them out to pretty little girls.
It's my Christmas present to you.

Little Girl:  Only to pretty girls?

Me:  Yes, pretty girls just like you.

Little Girl:  (big smile)
Daddy:  What do you say?
Little Girl:  Thank you.  Now can I give you a hug?
Of course I gave her a hug!!!!!
I stood there for the longest time talking with the two of them.
They are here on vacation (from near Austin)
and staying at The Gaylord.
She showed me that her ears are pierced.
She asked me if I had earrings on and when I told her no,
she asked if I was afraid.
She showed me she is four fingers old
and her name is Juliana.
(I hope I heard her correctly and have spelled it correctly.)
As we parted, we wished each other a Merry Christmas.
And I got another hug.
What a sweet little child.
Could her outfit be any more festive?

She told me she was going to keep this bird on her tree for "a very long time."

Julianna, you stole my heart!

PS - thank you, Daddy, for allowing me to post this on my blog
and on Facebook.  My Followers and Friends need to meet your daughter.
Merry Christmas!

Now I have more birds to pass out - tomorrow.

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