Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I know how Santa's Elves feel ...

It's been non-stop here.
Well, I take that back.
Last week I stopped - all week long.
The Runner was home.
I guess my thought process went something like this:
"If he doesn't have to work, neither do I."
Of course, that's come back to you know what.

In addition to Christmas cards,
I've squeezed in a sympathy card, birthday cards and a thank you card.
Let me get the sad one out of the way first.

My cousin celebrated her birthday weeks ago.
Time to post the card now.
Happy belated birthday, Lori!!!!!

Friends of mine had their kitchen gutted and put back together again.
Beautifully, I might add.
They wanted to send the contractors a thank you card.
How cool is it that they let me use a picture of THE kitchen?

Stay tuned.
Tomorrow I have something else to share with you.


  1. I can relate to Santa's Elves! Trying to get ready for Christmas, buy gifts and pack to move and keep my focus on what's 'really important is a challenge!

  2. I'm sure those contractors were delighted with that beautiful card! I'll bet it's the only one they ever got! Thoughtful friends of yours - and beautiful work by you!

  3. I know how you go non stop!!! Honestly I can't imagine how you make all your beautiful cards in the timespan that you do. These are all so lovely...