Monday, December 14, 2015

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

The shooting took place three years ago today.
Days later, my daughter asked me to create a card
for her and her dispatching co-workers to sign.
She knew those on duty were hurting and were no doubt traumatized.
She wanted those men and women to know that they were being thought of
as they were victims as well.
I was trying to make sense of the violence,
and I was also trying to come up with a card that was poignant enough.
As I was "building" the card, this is the story I wanted to tell:
* the white symbolizes the purity of the children
* the silver symbolizes the brightness in Heaven of 20 new angels
* the gold symbolizes the children's halos
* the feathers symbolize the children's wings
* the spot of red symbolizes the blood shed
* the falling snowflakes symbolize falling tears
* the doves symbolize peace
* the tattered edges on the inside pages symbolize broken hearts

* the gossamer-like ribbon not only ties the pages together,
it ties the community together.

Every time I see this card, my heart aches.
My wish is that the town is healing.


  1. Beautiful card and symbolism. Seems like yesterday...

  2. Hi Sue, Such a beautiful card with great meaning. Your talents designed a special keepsake. May God heal the hearts of all those effected. Thanks for sharing. xo

  3. A very lovely card. It is so hard to think about this nightmare. But we should not ever forget it.