Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The latest from here ...

These two Mother's Day cards were delivered last night.
Okay, I'm going to be honest here ... these were tough to let go.
I love them both for different reasons.
Which one is your favorite?  And WHY?

Here's another one for a special mamma.

This next card was created for a friend to give to her niece
that has colorectal cancer.  So sad.  So very sad ... she's only 30 years old!
Sometimes life's just not fair.

I spent this morning ironing - then packing.
First the clothes.
Then the toiletries.
And then the crafting supplies.
Leaving in the morning.
Heading to Whitworth Ranch Retreat.
Sooooooooo excited to be invited to be a part of this!!!!!!
The theme for this event is Downton Abbey.
Two instructors will be there and they have some great projects for us to work on.
Saturday's garden luncheon will be high tea.
Saturday evening we will be dancing around the pool.
Sunday it will be all over - and we'll be tired.
I'm fixin' to become real fluent in Mmmmmm!!!
Stacy is the best chef ever.
Hold down the fort, okay?
Will check in next week after a long nap!


  1. I love the first one best because it's pink, feminine and lacey. :) Pretty! I learn almost every day over and over that life isn't fair. So sorry for this young lady. :(

  2. PS Have fun on your retreat!!

  3. Love the first card ... those flowers are beeyoooteeeful! Have fun at the ranch! (And you really do need to watch Downton Abbey!)

  4. Oh Sue - just can't decide on a favorite - LOE THEM BOTH! I adore roses, yet I see myself as a nature girl who loves to grow all her own fruit too but pears have been too difficult here.
    All of them are gorgeous! That sweet girl will be so lifted by your precious card to her. I just made a journal for a woman dying of a brain tumor and it brought her so much joy in those last days.
    Have a great time at the retreat!!!! LUCKY YOU!!!

  5. Sue-- the cards are gorgeous-- I love the first one most of all. What wonderful gifts they are-- treasures...

    Have a wonderful time on your retreat-- looking forward to photos:)

  6. Beautiful cards as always. Lucky you going n retreat, it sounds like it will be lots of fun.


  7. Wonderful cards!
    Have a great time at the retreat.