Sunday, April 26, 2015

Somebody just couldn't wait!!!!!

My childhood friend asked me to make a Mother's Day card.
This time she wanted "something different" ...
She asked if I had any photos of when we were growing up.
I searched and came up with a few.
This is the one that she chose.
Connie is on the left, her sister Paula is on the right.
And guess who's in the middle!?!
You got it - it's ME!!!!!
The reason for the Marvin Gardens deed, you ask!?!
Connie and I used to play that game.
Marathon style.
Because we could never finish it in just one play date,
we'd slide the board under the couch until next time.
She was so excited for her mom to see it,
she couldn't even wait until Mother's Day.
How fun is that?
Happy Mother's Day, Leta!!!!!

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