Sunday, April 19, 2015

Holy Toledo ...

I feel like I should be in trouble
for not turning in my homework on time.
Sheesh! but I've been so busy, teacher.
Okay - let's not waste any more time.
You've probably got places to go.
People to see.
And stuff to do.
So I'm going to just jump in and get after it.
My sweet friend, Kay, celebrated her birthday last week.
You'd never in a gazillion years even guess it though.
These cards are from her daughter and her husband.

This card went to West Virginia.
Happy birthday (yesterday) to Maria.
Today, Peggy celebrates a birthday.
Enjoy your day!
She loves all things patriotic so this works perfect.
Peggy's other favorite is a dragonfly.
She'll receive this on Mother's Day.

Today my friend, Shawna, is celebrating a birthday.
Enjoy the festivities.

One more birthday card.
This one was fun to create - lots and lots of layers.
Somebody is having a baby boy
and this is for the baby shower.
Deborah and I met for dinner the other night.
And then I handed over 43 white satin roses I rolled
for her daughter's wedding bouquet.
I can't wait to see the magic Deborah creates as she puts it all together.

And the big news?
Yesterday, The Runner competed in the NTAPT
(North Texas Association for Pupil Transport)
Regional Bus Road-eo competition.
He drove a bus for the Special Needs children.
Guess who's going to State Competition?

Now THAT is a happy person.
Number ONE!
And last, but certainly not least ...
If you've not been to my other blog recently, you might want to.
You can read all about a contest going on at Whitworth Ranch Retreat,
the upcoming scrapbook convention
and get to meet a new friend.
Shannon Martinson is the latest Featured Guest.
Susan Hahaj is in the wings - you won't want to miss meeting her either.
I promise not to stay away so long.
I will promise to TRY to not to stay away for so long.


  1. Congratulations to The Runner! Should we also call him The Driver?

  2. Well done the Runner.
    You have been busy with your cards, all very pretty.


  3. These cards are so beautiful. Getting better and better. And a big salute to Cliff. What a guy.

  4. Sus-- I love the card with the lilacs and also the one with the tulips--- beautiful spring like touches!!
    Congrats to the runner and best wishes as he moves on to the next part of the competition. Awesome!! ( he's a cutie--- just say'n!)

  5. Way to go, Cliff!!!!!! Good luck in the next round of competition.