Monday, April 27, 2015

Mother's Day

I just have to put this out there.
I've spoken with several women the past few weeks
about Mother's Day.
It just blows my mind how many women do not have
any kind of relationship with their mothers.
I would do absolutely anything in the entire world
just to have my mother here on earth.
I know.  I know.
Things happen.
Word are said.
Feelings are hurt.
But for God's sake ... SHE IS YOUR MOTHER!!!!!!!!!
She brought you into this world.
She cared for you.
She raised you.
She loved you.
And she still loves you.
And she would love to raise you still.
Maybe even do things differently.
Pick up the telephone and reconnect with the woman
that gave you all she had.
Chances are,
the reason for the disconnect isn't something that happened during your youth.
It probably happened when you were an adult.
Get over it.
She's not going to live forever.
When she is gone, she is gone.
There won't be any do-overs.
Patch it up.
Fix it.
Reach out.
Stop being so stubborn.
You know you love her!!!
You don't even have to wait until Mother's Day.
Today is the perfect day.
Make that woman that gave you life the happiest woman ever.
Don't do it for me.
Do it for yourself.
Do it for her.
She loves you still ...


  1. Lovely words of encouragement! I also can't believe people would cut relations with their own Mother!!

  2. Wise words. I lost my Mother when I was nineteen and I'm grateful for the friendship of my own children, and that I'm still here to enjoy it.

  3. You are so lucky you had such a wonderful mother. Not all of them are like that.

  4. Hi Sue yes there are so many reasons for broken relationships with mothers that we can never know. Everyone has to travel their own journey in their own time!
    I lost my mother at 18 and we loved each other beyond explanation. I was blessed to have those short years with her and I am grateful for the amazing influence she had on me and my life. I feel so blessed for that and I carry here memories close in my heart - we were more like best friends and yes, of course, we would love that for every woman but karma predicts otherwise sometimes.
    I am blessed also for the wonderful girlfriends that go back a very long time which I treasure so very much!
    Thank you for your visit dear Sue and your wonderful comments. I am now back in cyber space once again!

  5. I so totally agree.
    I know not everyone has a wonderful relationship with their mother but we are all responsible for ourselves and our own attitudes. We can at least try to patch things up and if it doesn't work out then at least we have a cleat conscience knowing we have done our best.