Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Way too long ...

Yes, it's been way too long since I last posted.
It's not that I've been sitting around doing nothing, mind you.
I've been TACKLING it.
I'm proud to say that I have tackled something
every. single. day.
the entire month of January.
It's been something I've been wanting to do for a long time.
You know.
Getting in there and getting rid of stuff.
Donating.  Organizing.  Cleaning Up.
So far, I've made two trips to the donation place
and I have another trunk full to drop off tomorrow.
Like I said - I wanted to do this for a long time.
But I thought ... I don't have TIME to do that.
I absolutely amazed myself.
It really does not take that long to tackle a linen closet.
In just under 30 minutes, top to bottom, each and every single shelf.
Something I thought would take me a couple of hours.
Nope.  Under one half an hour.
Hip Hip Horray to me.
I'm reaching my goals the year.
Especially my #16 for twenty-sixteen.
Feels sooooooooooo good.
I've also been making cards.
Here's one for Rachel.
I hope your birthday was magical.
Did you wish upon a star?
Nadine celebrated the other day, too.
I know you enjoyed the festivities in your honor.
Little Emely celebrated her special day on Sunday.
With two cards!

She never got the card below.
It was stolen right off the bench outside our door.
Sad thing is, I know exactly who took it.
Confronted him but of course, he lied.
Sorry to leave you with a sad one, but yet another sympathy card.
I'm off to tackle some flowers stored in the bookshelf.


  1. I am doing the same. Not a room is safe in our house right now. In the next few days I am heading into my creative place and checking what I won't be using to create with and donating it too. Lovely cards as always.
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  2. Hi Sue, I know how wonderful it is to accomplish those jobs of cleaning out, organizing and more. Congrats to you for getting your ideas complete.
    Your cards are incredible. I love each one and the many details you add. What a talent you are my friend. Lovely work and always so inspiring. Have a great weekend ahead. xo

  3. Oooohhhh. I love the blue and white flowers on the second card, and, of course, the vibrant flowers on the last card.

    When are you coming to my house to do a hoe-out? (Plan for more than a month if you do!)

  4. beautiful cards!!! It's so sad when someone feels they have to steal something. I was doing some purging too, feels good, doesn't it? Winter is the perfect time for that.

  5. Gorgeous creations--/ I love the blue one especially.
    Sending you much love...