Saturday, January 16, 2016

Happy Cards ...

My last post was all about sad cards.
Today's post is about happy cards.
Thank you cards, actually.

My #6 for twenty sixteen was to
send more thank you cards
(a lost art, you know.)

Three people are extremely deserving of these cards.

Kendra went above and beyond for me.
I asked and she went to bat for me.
Even though I asked, I never expected!
Monica and John,
thank you once again for your hospitality.

 Rhonda, thank you again for the sweet gifts!

Have YOU sent out a thank you card recently?
I'm sure there's somebody deserving of one.


  1. I gave this card ( to the administrative team at my school for the Christmas present I received.

  2. Sorry ... So eager to post mine that I forgot to say how pretty yours are!

  3. I'm sure you enjoy making a beautiful card whether for a happy or sad occasion.


  4. Hi Sue, your cards are gorgeous. Love all the details. Anyone receiving these cards will have a treasure. I just sent about 5 Thank you cards to special friends. I love to send cards as much as receiving them. You do beautiful work my friend. xo

  5. Hi Sue, thanks for stopping by and your kind comment. Love viewing your cards once again. Yes, we had a great time in Waco. The Magnolia Market was awesome. Hope to share a post soon. Have a great weekend. xo