Friday, January 15, 2016

Sad Cards ...

Never before have I had to create so many sympathy cards.
in such a short time.
And I hope not for a long, long time, if ever.
One or two, but not five at a time.
 Our mechanic's father ...
My friend's mother ...
My cousin ...

My friend's father ...
My friend's neighbor's 21-year old nephew ...
True to my tradition - they all have butterflies.
Did you see them?


  1. your caring and your beautiful cards will bring notes of deep appreciation to the receivers and their thoughtful and generous you are...take care...sally

  2. I"m sorry to hear about all of your loss.. Wishing you peace and comfort. Your cards are lovely and I'm sure they'll bring comfort to those who are grieving.


  3. These are beautiful cards. The recipients will greatly appreciate them and your sediment because of the time and care you took in creating them. I stumbled upon this post and your blog via Pinterest this week. I posted a link to your blog and this this post on my blog. I wanted to express appreciation for your work and that it inspired me. You can read my post here:
    Thank you for inspiring me and posting your beautiful work!

  4. I came here through Diane's link! These are such beautiful cards with stunning photos, and I'm so sorry that you had to make them for these very sad occasions.