Thursday, February 25, 2016

With deepest sympathy ...

It makes no difference the age.
No difference at all.
Many say, "well, he/she lived a long life."
But to a loved one, that life is never long enough.
We always want that person to be around forever.
Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen.
Last month I had to create six sympathy cards
And this month, two.
Earlier in the month, John's grandmother passed away.
The other day, Steve's father lost his life after a long battle.
Prayers for all.


  1. So much loss around here also. None that I knew personally, but the loss is very real to those loved ones. A wonderful family of six from carbon monoxide poisoning, shootings, a young mother with a new baby taken suddenly. Life is hard!! Prayers. Beautiful cards!! Xoxo

  2. It's always sad to lose someone we know, even if they aren't family.
    Lovely cards Sue.

  3. Hi Sue, I'm so sorry for your loss. Having our loved ones pass on changes life as we know it. Thank God HE has all in control. Prayers for your family in this difficult time.
    Your cards are beautiful and will be a comfort.
    Have a peaceful weekend. xo

  4. You're so right, no matter the circumstance, you're never ready to say goodbye to a loved one. I'm sorry for your losses.

  5. Beautiful, serene cards that perfectly convey the message.

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