Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My heart is happy ...

It is with much happiness, love and gratitude
that I can now tell you that the three boxes to Uganda
are GONE!!!!!!
They are no longer "in da house!"
I just cannot believe that this endeavor has finally come to fruition.
It was last July when Vicki called and asked me "how far are you from Houston?"
That question started the ball rolling and it hasn't stopped yet.
Late this morning, these two gentlemen
(Humphrey on the left and Vincent on the right)
came to pick up the boxes.
Just look at those happy faces!
They are two very strong angels and I'll never forget them.
Very professional, kind, funny - and did I mention strong?
Each box measures 48"x21"x24" and weighs well over a hundred pounds.
The first box they CARRIED down three flights of steps.
The other two boxes got a ride on a dolly!
Trust me when I tell you that the boxes were packed to the gills.
All with donated items that all of YOU shipped either to Vicki or to us.
The donated monies purchased so many needed items
as well as helped with the shipping costs.
How can we EVER thank you?
I wish there were more profound words other than just saying "thank you."
We were told that they would be taken directly to their warehouse
here in Grand Prairie, Texas,
and then loaded onto the truck with other boxes.
Tomorrow or the day after (in all the excitement, I can't remember!)
the truck will be driven to Houston.
Everything will be loaded onto the ship and soon the children
will have their much-awaited gifts.
Unfortunately, that won't happen until some time in May.
I'm sure they'll be counting the months, weeks, days, hours and minutes!
Please be patient - both Vicki and I will be posting pictures on our blog.
I can't wait until I see those smiling faces wearing their new clothes.
I wish I could be there when they open the boxes.
They've been praying that the shipment soon reaches them.
Prayers answered!
Once again, thank you to everybody that donated items for these children.
It's been so long since the packages started to arrive.
I wish I could remember where everything came from, but I can't.
(Thankfully, Vicki has a list.)
!!! Thank You !!!

In addition to thanking everybody that opened their hearts,
I must thank The Runner.
He shopped with me.
He carried all of the purchases up three flights of stairs.
He helped sort everything.
He packed all the boxes.
He taped and shrink-wrapped the boxes.
He added the address labels and packing slips.
He contacted the carrier.
And most importantly, he lived in all the chaos.
Thank you to The Runner. 


  1. Warms my heart to read this!How kind people are and you and Vicki especially.THANK YOU!!

  2. Hi Sue, Your post really touched my heart. Thank yous and Blessings to everyone involved in this amazing project.

  3. Hope these things reach their destination without further ado. I know you are glad to have this part of the job over and done. I'll add my thanks to the Runner because I know he is a really great guy.

  4. Thank both of you for all you have done for this wonderful project. You, along with Vicki have put so much thought and energy into this. Thank you so much,

  5. Oh dear Sue or should I rephrase that to Angel SuZe!
    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for all of your wonderful energy and time and love and everything that you have devoted to get these items off to Uganda. Did you take any photos before they went into the boxes?
    Oh happy days to see the children opening them.
    Sending hugs of gratitude,

  6. Well done to everyone involved - the children will be so happy.

  7. My heart is happy too!! It's been a long time in coming. We had a few hurdles to jump but we did it-- thanks especially to you and your husband. Now we wait-- in a few months we will begin to see photos of precious happy children as they enjoy their new treasures. It's been an incredible project--


  8. I am very happy that because there is less time for children to receive their gifts. What a nice initiative.
    I'm already wanting to see photos.
    A hug to everyone.

  9. Thanks for your help in packing and shipping my donation of school supplies. It warms my heart too to see so many donations for this project.
    God bless you.
    Julia from Canada

  10. Great work Sue.... sad I missed out on this adventure.... Hugs..

  11. I'm a tail end Charlie from Vicki's GTB 2015 just stopping by to admire your heart of gold. I can't wait to see those photos once your boxes are delivered, so I am your latest follower, not to miss a thing.
    Have a great week.
    Wren x

  12. What a splendid project you have completed. Everything takes longer than one expects and rarely goes smoothly, but you hung in there and now it's on the way. Bless your hearts! Well done all.

  13. Wonderful news! Yay! Can't wait to see those happy little faces. Blessings to you and the Runner!

  14. So glad to hear the boxes are on their way - and out of your house :) Well done, you and your husband!

  15. Yay!! Can't wait to see the pictures!!!! Praying they all arrive in record time. :)

  16. Sue - can i simply mail the t shirts I have gathered? or do i need to contact the shipping company you used. I have two copier paper boxes full and am not sure how to ship them so that there is no fee incurred on the receiving end.