Saturday, March 28, 2015

I present to you: the one-handed mini album

First comes love
and then comes marriage.
Today Shannon and Luke will tie the knot.
Here is a little album that will be given to them
(even though they requested "no gifts.")
The pearls were taken from Shannon's grandmother's earrings.
The lace under the white flower was taken from Shannon's mom's wedding dress.
The little white lace and blue bow is what Shannon wore in her hair
when she was christened.
The tiny piece of blue to the left of the black flower
was also part of the christening headpiece.
Their names were taken from the
'save the date' postcard.

They chased their dreams
and they came true.
Could Shannon's smile be more radiant?
This was their engagement picture.
Again, the blue flowers were from the christening headpiece.
This was taken in Puerto Rico in 2008.
Once again, Shannon's mom's wedding dress lace sits behind the photo.
Luke and Shannon on Lake Tahoe in 2014.
Another flower from Shannon's headpiece.

This picture was taken at Storm King Art Center (NY) in 2011.

They will tie the knot at the rustic
San Pedro Chapel.
This landmark was built in 1932
by the inhabitants of the Village of El Fuerte.
May they live happily ever after.
The title of the blog post.
Did it make you wonder what the heck it had to do with a wedding?
Well, I've been gathering papers and embellishments
for this project for several weeks.
I knew I had it under control.
I knew I could do it and still meet the deadline.
I knew where I was going with it.
I had plans.
Well, the best laid plans ...
You know the rest.
It seems that a car door took those plans
and threw them right out the window.
You see, I had to create this with just a little more than just one hand.
The day before I was going to begin putting everything together,
the car door slammed my entire left hand
between the door and the car.
There's always good in everything
if you look hard enough, that is..
Nothing was broken.
Not even the skin - which meant no blood.
And not my wedding ring.
And not my mother's engagement/wedding ring set.
I am so fortunate and so thankful.
Our wonderful firefighters removed my mother's rings.
My pinky finger, my pointer finger and my thumb are back to normal.
My ring finger is still very tender.
My middle finger is still very very very sore.
The bruising has gone away.
The swelling has not.
I still cannot make a fist.
But it is getting better.


  1. Darn good job in spite of injuries. They will treasure it always.

  2. What a wonderful thoughtful gift. Full of memories. Poor you I hope your hand is better soon..

  3. What a beautiful sweet gift, so thoughtful and full of memories!
    Beautifully done!
    Congrats to the happy couple!!!
    And a speedy recovery to you!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. That is a lovely sentimental thing to do for the album, beautiful.
    Hope the hand is back in action soon.


  5. Suz-- this is such a lovely gift-- and so meaningful. You truly put your heart and soul into the creation of this treasure:)