Friday, March 27, 2015


This card is for my cousin
to give to her granddaughter.
Birthdays are for blessings
thank you for being one of mine.
Most of all,
I want you to be happy
Chase your wishes
and follow your dreams.
Carry the sun inside you.
Get a little closer, every single day,
to the hopes that you want to come true.
Reach for your stars,
brighten your days.
Fill your heart in a thousand ways,.
Be happy, Granddaughter.
I love you so much
and I wish you such wonderful things.
I wish you joys
only a dreamer would dream
and things only a grandparent
would wish for.
May you never forget
that my heart and my hopes
are with you each step of the way.
~  Laurel Altherton  ~
Happy birthday, Teryn!


  1. What wonderful sentiments for a granddaughter. And the card is beautiful as always! Blessings to you. <3