Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ketchup ... catch up, that is!

Losing a loved one is very difficult.
And it's not a great way to start off the year.
My daughter's friend lost her mom.
Here's the card that was sent.
If you remember reading this then you'll see that I am trying really hard to abide by
my 15 for twenty-fifteen.
I've really been pretty successful in most of my 15.
I fell a little behind on number 6
but I didn't let too many days go by before creating my first thank you card for the year.
My dear friend, Carol, celebrated her birthday the other day.
In addition to this card, we had a great phone conversation.
I miss you, Carol!

My Aunt Margie was so good with identifying
cousins, second cousins and all those "once removed" ...
I'm not good with those.  As a matter of fact, I have no idea who's who.
This is about as good as I can do.  This card went to my cousin's daughter's son.

Anybody out there know what label to put on him other than "just cousin?"
Happy 18th birthday, Logan.
Our friends, Pat and Don, celebrated their 10th anniversary.
Happy 91st birthday, Leta.
She loves to watch the birds and I'm sure she's waiting for Springtime
to see some eggs in the nest.
The Runner wanted to thank his friend for some guidance about school bus driving.
Jim was the driver when The Runner first began as a monitor.
I guess he's helping me out with my number 6.
And one more birthday card.
I hope your birthday was all you expected.  Happy birthday, Sheneen.
This was supposed to be a birthday card
but Nancy's son sent this to her for Valentine's Day.
What a guy!
Saving the best for last.
As requested ... a "girlie" card.
I had a good time with this one, starting with the garter!
Happy birthday, Donna.
Sympathy, thank you, birthday, anniversary.
I hope these cards put smiles on a few faces.
Nothing like getting a real card in the mailbox, right?


  1. I agree, I can bring myself to buy a card anymore. Great motto, great work ❤️

  2. So many lovely cards again!
    Hugs, Karen B. ~ Todolwen
    P.S. Have you read my latest post yet?

  3. I love going to the mailbox and finding a card from a friend or family, it makes my day! These cards are really pretty, I would love to receive anyone of them.

  4. Beautiful cards; highly inspirational.

  5. Great job - from one card creator to another!

  6. Each one has such beautiful details! Wonderfully done.

  7. Beautiful. Really brightens up my day.

  8. Beautiful cards...love the old photos! :)

  9. Lovely cards, you really have a talent.


  10. Hi Sue
    Oh my what gorgeous cards and so many different sorts! I love the vintage images that you have used on some of them. What about "Fancy Pants" for the cousin's 18th?
    You certainly have a lovely collection of embellishments!
    x Suzy

  11. What beautiful cards you make! Sorry for the loss of the Mother of your daughter's friend.

  12. Back from vacation and catching up with some of my favourite blogs, I just had to let you know how much I adore your cards!

  13. Oh wow Sue, you've been so busy! Beautiful cards! I love how you use real photos on them. I'm sorry for your daughter's best friend's loss, how devastating that must be!