Saturday, February 28, 2015

A mish mash of cards and a little more retreating

Gosh - where do I begin?
There's several cards I would like to share with you.
First up is a birthday card for a friend's mom.
Wouldn't you just love to pet this little furry one?

Same friend, same mother.
My first Mother's Day card for 2015.

Next up is a thank you card.
I just love sending and receiving thank you cards.
Wish everybody did!
Everybody seems to love this image (who can blame them?)
I'll be making another one using it, too.
I just love these two little girls (or are they dolls?)
At the retreat last weekend, everybody there called them "scary" girls.
I think they're wrong - I think they're cute.

Last up is a birthday card for Al.
I hope he enjoyed his day!

Well lookie here.
Not only do I create cards,
I crochet around coat hangers.
My friend, Rita, taught me how to do this over 25 years ago and I've not stopped since.
They're perfect for preventing silky clothes from falling off the hanger.
Do you have narrow shoulders?
Are you tired of the wire hangers making little nubbins on your clothes?
The thickness of the yarn prevents that from happening.
I suppose you could knit rather than crochet, too.
Just in case you missed the pictures I posted on the retreat blog,
here a few more pictures.

A group shot just before we left (in the rain, I might add!)
Julie in purple, Donna - the only one with a rain jacket,
Stephanie in turquoise, Stacy in pink
and me sitting down.

Kim and me.

Everybody photo bombs
and now so do I.


I'm not sure about this weather!
But the good news is that Spring is just 20 days away.
Come on - hurry up, Mother Nature.


  1. This is your very best blog. I loved the thank you card. Just perfect. Nice seeing the gals from the retreat. How wonderful this friendship is.

  2. love your winter projects! Especially very cute cards! great job and it is so much fun to do!

  3. Such beautiful cards! and well and truly busted haha :))

  4. I especially love the cards with children on them! So gorgeous! ( I see the cows are still making you crazy, even if you have to stay inside!)

  5. Love my cards and love you Sue!! And thanks for the photo bomb. I'm sure I would have looked terrible!!