Sunday, September 21, 2014

Trick or Treat ...

Halloween is not my favorite holiday, therefore, I didn't have very many spooky papers or embellishments in my stash.  But, I was able to work around it - without going to the store! - and it ended up being a real "treat" for me to create these cards.

This card was designed for a woman.  The hand was copied onto a manila folder - where it came from, I have no idea.  Initially, I lightly inked it with a black ink pad but it just didn't look right so I added green and literally polished the nails a bright orange.  NOW I like it!

The envelope was from a make-and-take project somewhere along the way.  I covered the back with paper to match the card and left the other side black and added a little piece of orange paper for the address.

This next card was also designed for a woman and I decided to go with the witch theme.  Again, the embossed paper was from a long-ago make-and-take project that was just sitting in a drawer.  Wish you could see the envelope in person.  That flourish looks like black patent leather.

Yessiree, one more witch card for a woman.  Oh, that rubber spider.  YIKKES.  I could barely touch it!  The spider web: again, something from a make-and-take ... wish I could remember where.  I really enjoyed making this one.  Because it's the "witching hour" I went with the clock faces.  Did you notice the spiders on the white flower?

When I was finished with these three cards and had them lined up next to each other, I wished I would have used the same image as in the first card above (the four witches) just to see how I could have mixed it all up.  The image would be the same, but everything else different.  Next time.

This card was made for a two-year old little girl.  Can't be scary for the little ones so I found this darling little child standing in a pumpkin.  How sweet is that?  The envelope, you ask?  I made this about 18 years ago from an old calendar.  See?  Nothing goes to waste.  I can't tell you how many times I nearly threw it away.  So glad I didn't.

A three-year old little girl is going to receive this card.  Just LOOK at the eyes on this little child.  This card was a little challenging for me because of the paper I chose - brown, black and beige.  Not exactly Halloween, but the pumpkins spoke to me.

Question, readers ... which one of these cards is your favorite?  I don't want to sway your decision but mine is the first one.

Happy Halloween to all!


  1. I don't care what you say -- Halloween is a good holiday! I love it. And still love the card with the little girl on it. HB

  2. My favorite is the first one. Love the four witches and the hand!

  3. I LOVE Halloween! (Maybe because my birthday is just before the day!) The last card is just so adorable, but the first card wins my vote! Love vintage witch pictures!
    Another reason why I like Halloween: I taught young children with learning and emotional problems and it was always difficult to get them to write stories, poems, etc. Whenever Halloween rolled around they had so much fun and loved writing all types of stories and poems. It was the one time of the year that they let their imaginations soar! (P. S. Their stories were never gory.)

  4. All cards are beautiful, but my favorite is the first one. Love the image!

    Have a great week!

  5. The first card is my choice. Love the papers and image that you chose.