Tuesday, September 9, 2014


This card will be sent or has already been sent to a lady in Minnesota.  This is a new customer for me and that is always exciting.  I'm not sure of the actual birth date, but I know she will be celebrating this month.  I hope she enjoys all the special touches I did on this card; lots of different products and techniques.

I delivered this card yesterday to another new customer!  She asked for something "beach-y" to give to her husband for his 50th birthday.  When she presents the card, she will reveal the surprise she has for him: she is taking him to Florida to celebrate the half-century mark.  First up is the envelope ...
and then the card - golly, I sure love the bathing suits on these guys ...
 and I sure hope he abides by all the Beach Rules that are on the inside of the card.

Just finished two more birthday cards and have another one I want to crank out today.  I'm sorry, but no pictures will be shared here until their special days.  (They read my blog - but the recipients of the cards shown here are not readers - yet!)  Can't wait to share with you.

Enjoy yourself, whatever it is that you are finding yourself doing this week.


  1. Nice. Pretty. You really do good work.

  2. YOur cards are so creative and wonderful.

  3. Beautiful birthday card and I love the beachy one! Her husband will be so surprised when he sees the card! I like the rules that go with the beach card, too! Wish I could be 50 again! The 50's were the best!!

  4. Great cards! I love the beach one.

  5. Your cards are absolutely amazing!